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Driver distractions with Zoe Bell

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Fans of Kiwi superstar Zoe Bell were shocked when the Hollywood stuntie posted a risky video to Twitter of herself driving dangerously.

The Hateful Eight star shared the video in which she appears to be driving while barely looking at the road and sometimes taking both hands off the wheel.

She spoke to the camera about having made a career out of doing dangerous things, including "heaps of car stuff".

"[I've] flipped cars, surfed cars, been hit by cars, flipped over cars. Heaps of dangerous car stuff," she said.

But then she revealed why she was behaving so recklessly; she said: "I will tell you one thing I definitely won't do and that is drive distracted."

The camera then turns to show a tow truck which is pulling Zoe's car along.

When the screen cuts to black, it's to show a poignant message: "Distracted driving causes 26 deaths and 277 serious injuries on Auckland roads from 2013 – 2018. No one is invincible. Don't drive distracted – Auckland Transport."

We love the message, Zoe - and thanks for grabbing everyone's attention!


RESOURCE LINK with video

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