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We got hit pretty good here saturday and it was BRUTAL cold sunday. -10 plus a nasty windchill. we stayed busy but really didnt get slammed because of the timing of the storm. hit late in the afternoon on top of the holiday weekend so it really helped us out and kept people off the roads.I hope everyone who was out there stayed safe and made some $$$

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For us towers in non-snow areas, please explain the red tape protocol. I know what it means, but new towers may not. Thanks for sharing.   R.

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during major storms and emergencey declarations there are times where as long as the vehicle is well out of the way of traffic, law enforcement / first responders will remove the occupants and examine the vehicle to make sure no one is inside of it then place the caution tape across the vehicle so others who may come across it will know that the vehicle has been cleared of occupants. then the vehicle is usually left there untill the weather event is over then recovered. 

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