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Just tryin' to get home. SPLASH!!--Run!!

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Topic created by BigBen835 in June of 2007:


Just tryin' to get home. After a couple of beers, and navigating home, or what he thought was home. The driver of this ranger found this DNR trout stocking pond in the middle of the night. The next morning the land owner saw the tire tracks going across her lawn and walked out and saw this truck in her pond. No one inside and a pile of wet clothes and beer cans next to the bank. Sheriff's dept called for the crane thing to remove it. Dad and driver showed up to pull it out with his pickup with his trusty tow strap while I was setting up. Deputy- "Son, I ve got a couple of questions for you. Why don't you step over here for a minute." Dad was not too impressed either. Didn't want to get too close to edge, and bank was already tipped in. Everyone needs just a little more stick now and then. But we got it done.
Canadiantowman said:
i bet you that s the largest fish to come out of that pond, nice job.
TOwBoY88 tubegreen.gif said:
You guys have some nice equipment.
Thanks for the pics.

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