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Improper Parking

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Topic Created by unknown member with Kauff's in June of 2007:



Got a call from a customer on 6/21/07 to recover a fire truck from his front lawn.
Upon arrival this is what I found. The customer had gone to Georgia and purchased this 1987 Seagrave 100 ft latter truck to ship overseas, he had arrived late that night and decided to park in his front yard (oops! park on top of septic tank) well he fell in and got stuck and then he tried to pull out and that made it worst, well he wanted a simple pull at the rear, so it wouldn't cost too much,front right tire was completely down in the septic tank so I explained to the customer the game plan, I then positioned my truck in the neighbors yard and rotated over the front, ran two red slings with screw pin shackles to some attachment points, lifted the front and boomed away from tank, then repositioned at the rear to winch straight back. Job Accomplished.
MTA415 said:
I can smell it from here654.gif having a tator sure makes it easy. good execution...
I B X said:
Why is it people have money to buy things like that, and spend it freely (plus overseas shipping) but complain about the cost for a service they need????649.gif

BTW, good job.
In Memory of Brotherandsons who said:
Real Nice job with an awkward bitch. That's a Seagrave 100' RA ( rear admiral) when they 1st came out they had issues with stability at low angle and actually contributed to some serious injuries and one death i know of because the ladder would buckle under strain.. Ass heavy too, the turntable/ rear stabilzer mass on that thing is very heavy and centered behind the rear axle. I am surprised that catch basin didn't go thru 1st. One thing they DO have is solid pull anchors front and rear, which were real important on the single axles like this one, they sink like a rock . I forget how heavy they are but, somewhere in the mid 30k's I know they went to Tandems on the RA II but the rep of the ladder kinda was never any good. Chicago had a bunch of em and after a collapse of one in NYC(L108) they came out with very strict rules about not using total extension and height below a certain angle.( Kinda like runnin a Tator!) . When they used a ladder pipe on them they had to operate the nozzle with ropes from the ground cuz it couldn't handle the weight of a fireman and the nozzle reaction. Wonder if the people overseas are aware of it. I'm sure "Mr Buy Cheap /Sell high/ I don't want an expensive recovery bill" will be right up front with them 642.gif

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