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Refurb on our Jerrdan rollback

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Topic Originally Created by Spitz in October of 2013:
Thought you guys probably like to look at pictures as much as I do so here is what we've been doing to our truck.  Was showing areas of rusting and of course the more you dig the more you find.   We sandblasted everything from the cab back and primed/painted it.  We are adding two new full stainless boxes, we chopped off the rear light boxes in lieu of stainless along with mudflap hangers.   I'll post more as we get more done as.   Its starting to come back together and was much more work than I had expected. 


All painted, ready for some parts!


New slides, ours were just starting to touch the bolts.


New phoenix lumber basket.    This side just had short brackets for the hydraulic tank originally.  I removed the left hand toolbox brackets to replace them with a different design and tossed them in the scrap pile later realizing I could mount both the hydraulic tank
and a toolbox on the same bracket.  So I dug them back out and they fit perfectly. 
Trying to get it going, lots of little things that need to be done. 

Stainless steps from Virgo,  tank/stainless straps from alumitank.  Looks much better in person, the picture dulls it all out for some reason?

Sp sign panel from Idaho wrecker.  Looks much better than being open, and I can still grab the wire rope to engage the winch if I have to.


Tank/ steps again.


Glimpse of the new stainless boxes, stainless control channel and new rear light mounts.   We cut the old ones off at about 4 inches from the subrame and just use that to mount the new ones to
and it seems to work really well, they are solid. 
Orcas Tow tubegreen.gif said:
Looking very sharp!
kochsauto said:
where did you get the stainless tail lamps?
Spitz said:
Local welding shop custom made them. They have a laser cutter and we just gave them the old ones and asked that they could make the new ones a bit bigger so they would slide over the existing housing that we left welded on the subframe. Turned out really well.
Just about done, few odds and ends to clean up but otherwise ready to go.

The truck is now up and running well. One thing I noticed is the bed doesn't rattle around on bumps anymore, I assume the bed slides let the bed jump around quite a bit, no more of that, she's tight.

I also added an air coupler, we have juice brakes but an air tank and compressor for the PTO. I just spliced a line and ran the coupler to the front of the battery box, took me all of 10 minutes and now I can run an airgun or whatever off the truck. Still have some other ideas stiring around in my head. Toolbox lights and bed winch lights, both should be an easy thing to do, just need to do it.

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Having been in the same geographic area as you (Marquette Mi.) I always tended to rehab what I had, just not enough income for new equipment. Great looking rehab.

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