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The Tow Canada forum was started on Tow411 in 2011


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A little history as we work to clear topics from the old message board system. A decade after Tow411 was founded it was apparent that the number of Canadian Towing Related Topic had increased to a level which are Canadian Members should have their own forum. The forum was opened and inadvertently place in an Outside North America category. We just wanted to see who was awake ( that's the story and we're sticking too it. LOL)


Well MrBill tubered.gif caught it right away and said:

Since when did Canada leave North America? Why are we listed under the outside North America category? Hello?
It's so flat here you can watch your dog run away for 3 days
feenstras tubegreen.gif said:
I was thinking the same thing. 653.gif



canadiantowman said:

cause the Americans hate us, lol


MrBill tubered.gif said:

I doubt any one hates us but someone needs a serious geography lesson 676.gif
It's so flat here you can watch your dog run away for 3 days
Rodney P tubebronze.gif said:
Bill, It's so flat here you can watch your dog run away for 3 days
Bill, I think I saw your dog crossing the Suspension Bridge from Cincinnati Ohio to Covington Ky  yesterday. Maybe "it" (couldn't tell whether male or female) got wind Canada had been moved  to South America or somewhere. Has "it" been missing two or three days or do you still have "it" in sight.?
TowZone said:
MY BAD.... I had debate for years about opening a Canada forum as I did not want any of our Canadian members to feel they were being alienated.
Then I began to see more news and legal concerns out of Canada. So I was working on a forum to archive those in, when a legal topic came up that I thought should get more attention. I stuck Canada in a place that I could easily find it while I was moving topics not realizing went I made ti visible today it was in the Outside North America Category.

Does anyone see value in having this forum which is sponsored by Tow Canada? or is this not an appropriate change?
Acestowing said:
Thanks for adding a Canada Forum Ron, its the first thing I come to now, with all of the changes coming up here in Ontario it is great to have it all in one place!
Bryce Weber - Aces Towing
WM 091409 Level 6/7
pttowguy tubegreen.gif said:
This is a great idea......I hope we can generate enough "traffic" here to warrant is continued existence.

For those that are geographically challenged, check out Windsor Ontario on a map, which is where I live. We are due south of Detroit Michigan and we head north to cross the border into the USA.
MrBill tubered.gif said:
Thanks for the Canada room lets hope its used often,however I wish to take back my comment about your penguin you can bring him back anytime!!
Rodney, My dog and I are  in the living room planning to watch the Daytona 500 which I believe is North America.646.gif Both of us however have been on the bridge you spoke about and we are both breathing a sigh of relief that our next trip out your way will not require the use of an ocean liner to get there. Thanks everyone for your support in putting Canada back in North America! It was a short but hard fought campaign. Enough said, I will now carry on as if I was normal.662.gif
It's so flat here you can watch your dog run away for 3 days
Stapley Towing said:
great idea, Thanks for the Canadian room, makes a good spot to discuss laws, liscencing etc that will differ from the US
paul windsor said:
Thanks for the Canada room now i feel like we are part of the tow 411 brother hood and we can deal on what and how were gona get screwed  by the new laws and regulations coming are way!!!
buferd1966 said:
thank you for the roomroll.gif
Dan's Towing
Hook206 said:
WM 040496
ACE said:
Hi Ron,
Haven't been on here for a while, but thanks for placing this forum here. It is a place where us Canuk's can post whats happening here at home. The towing and recovery part is the same all over, but there are somewhat different rules & regs for both sides of the border. From what we hear & read here in Ontario we are going to see some BIG changes in the Towing Industry as we have known it. But if it levels the playing field for everyone then it's ok with me.

Now I'm going back to my igloo to watch the hockey game & finish my chilled Canadian ..... emoticonlol6.gif   
I've got a cold one waiting for ya  emoticontoast.gif

Keep up the good work
Buehler Automotive & Transmission Alma Ont
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