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Randy Olson

Sold...But another one is on Order 2018 Holmes D.T.U. Detachable Towing Unit

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Holmes D.T.U. Detachable Towing Unit

20,000 lb Planetary Winch

Air Free Spool and Tensioner

9/16 X 175' IWRC Assembly

Manual Drivers Side Controls

Wireless Remote Control

5 Sets of Lift Forks

Hook-End Caps

Safety Chains

Front Stands

Air and Electric Lines

Retracted Lift Capacity  35,000 lbs

Extended Lift Capacity 16,000 lbs

Reach Fully Extended  113"

Power Tilt Arc 20 Degrees

Ideal to utilize your Tractor for both pulling a Trailer and as a Tow Truck or can be permanently mounted.

Recommended Minimum 250" Wheelbase and must have a Wet Kit

Located in San Antonio, Texas


DTU Stock (2).jpg

DTU Stock 2 (2).jpg

DTU Winch.jpg

DTU  winch 2.jpg

DTU PS.jpg

DTU PS 2.jpg

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