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Classic B Model Mack Holmes 650 when NEW

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Topic Originally created by Da Wash Boss in August of 2010:


Here is a beautiful classic Holmes 650 I am guessing on a B Model chassis.  I believe this was a stock unit from Grinolds Auto Parts.  I believe this truck was sold to Keney Service Center in Wilson, Connecticut then it was sold to Windsor Automotive & Tire.  If the big band man Tom sees this I think he might be able to give us more history on this truck, Thanks Tom.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"
Tow9611 said:
Very nice B model
dsc said:
Definitely, A classic!
Underdog said:
Would love to have that today!
Stay Safe, Rich.
lylewrecker said:
Here is our old b it was new in this pic, we still have it!
egellar said:
I think this wrecker is still alive in Plymouth Ma Gellars Garage. It is starting to go to the pasture but if its it it still runs, but needs saving. We bought it 25 years ago or so out of the yankee swapper mag in ct. my email is egellar@hotmail.com
Spanky said:
Grinolds son Roger, lives about 40 miles from me, in Kernersville, N.C. He owns a '48 Ford F5, with a Holmes 515 on it.

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