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Rollover w/ Plenty Of Rolls....

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This is a TT rollover job we did a couple of weeks ago. Got a call for a truck that got off the exit too fast and laid it on it's side.Originally I was told it was a load of paper towels so I figured no big deal. Then I was told it was paper rolls....a little bit different... 





First we stopped a fuel leak at the tank to minimize any further contamination. Had the guys pull the driveline while I set up in the rear to lift the back of the trailer...





Called a buddy of mine to help me the job since I was dealing with 42,000 all in the front 30' of trailer. It would be difficult to handle these rolls and they would be destroyed if we transloaded it on the ground. I wasn't sure of their acceptance now but knew it would diminish if I winched them out of the trailer... So we got straps under the rear and dug out the front corner to get straps under the front.





The trailer hit the guardrail when it slid off the road, compromising the roof in multiple places.




Set the Tator up for the brunt of the load and then I set the 35 ton to pull the steer over and assist with the middle. We chained both drives and trailer axles to the frames to prevent further damage.







Once over, we split it down and moved it forward to get the cleanup underway.









Once everything was satisfactory, we towed the units back to our facility.



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Those paper rolls suck. Had a couple of those jobs. Some blew out the roof. I was told they generally reject any damage because of being out of balance on their machinery.

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Ed ….That's the way to do it... nice clean up 

those type of roll are horrible,  hard to secure and hard to control on the upright,  hard to offload especially in a box.


Good Job …. Team ED  

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nice work. really good job at leaving the rolls in the trailer. i know it made the upright a pain. but if you pulled them they certainly would have been destroyed. hopefully they survived the roll over and upright and the client will be able to use the product. again, really nice job.

Towing And Recovery is not just a job, It's a Lifestyle For only the Toughest Families.Stay Safe My Fellow Towers!!!!

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Hey Mr. Ed ... those are great pictures of rigging with snatchblocks coming off the outriggers. Thanks for sharing.    R.

Randall C. Resch

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Well Ron you're right...no yellow trucks but they were there in spirit! I owe a lot to those people and Big Wheel changed the way I do things literally the day after my 1st class.... nearly 10 years ago. And when I presented my invoice to a typically difficult insurance company, they didn't have a single complaint. My connections made back then have & will continue my business's prosperity for years to come as well as friendships that are priceless.


Stuart you're right...I was dreading these rolls as soon as I found out. I knew if I was to drag them out the back and load them on a trailer or carriers, they would be junk for sure. To make matters worse, they have a small hole (7/8") in the middle so rigging to them could be tricky...




I knew it would be difficult to lift that dead weight in such a confined area but handling them was potentially dangerous . Like John said, I was concerned that they would move around when the trailer dropped and @ 6000 lbs each...they can make a difference!  Wet set it pretty easily, I think I have a video of it...a slight bounce but not much drama.




The rolls were damaged some but from their initial movement. They decided to scrap the load in the end so it is what it is.


Thanks Randall.  We were taxing the Tator pretty good so I decided to add my second line off a block to the drives just in case. It turned up to be a good idea because it was starting to stall the auxiliary winches and the main boom winches were getting the outriggers "Light". A lot of guys really push them but I don't know this truck well enough to exceed the platform. That added line made the difference though to get the initial lift to start & then from there it was like text book.




Thanks for all the comments. 



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If you 2 part each auxiliary winch back to the leg that will solve your stalling problem.  Nice upright.

Nick Schade

Tony's Wrecker Service

Louisville, KY

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Posted (edited)

We got the job to dispose of the cargo on this job which was like another nice little job. Winched the rolls out & set them on the rollbacks for a local tow to a recycling center...







Then delivered the trailer back to the company...





We gave up some additional storage after the bill was paid to work out the logistics to get the disposal job. In the end it was like an additional $6000 on the job so beneficial for us to make it work. 



Edited by EdsTowing

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