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It's Future Isn't So Bright... from June 2016

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One of the guys picked up a Delorean the other day. Something you don't see much of anymore...


We are just finishing up this refurbish and had to use the truck...not sure if I'm going to sell it or letter it....


deperone tubered.gif said:

Looks good. The truck that is, not so much the car. We had a customer that had one, biggest POS to work on.


Wallyautotowingservice said:

Hope your Driver kept it under 88 MPH


BlackAutoload said:

...I don't know how anyone can make enough profit using a new unit any more. 100k used to buy a medium duty, now it buys a carrier.


Eds Towing tubegreen.gif said:

Yea we are rebuilding the wheel lift now. It got beat up just bouncing around back there...not that we use it much.

Nice you lightened the load with no wheelift even.

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