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68 DeVille from April 2016

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One of our shops we tow for called for a '68 Cadillac DeVille that was dead in a driveway. Pulled up to a dead lead sled that was slammed on the ground. No owner around so I played with the controller for the air ride suspension and got it to come up to load it. I actually left the front pretty close to the ground to get the tail to clear the bed, then raised it so the front bumper wouldn't scrape the ground. 4 cluster straps and away we went to the repair shop, where it fired right up like nothing was wrong with it. Would have helped if it ran at the house.
someotherplace said:
It needs a new owner...it just wanted to escape. 689.gif

I love '68 Caddys. Have owned 2 '68 Coupes myself.


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