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A Safety concern while sweeping roadways

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Someone please tell me those are not the tow truck operators sweeping the roadway. Without proper ANSI Safety Apparel that is too close to moving traffic. appears one person may even be wearing a Camo Jacket. You can see traffic control with arrow boards farther behind the scene.


You will need to go to the News Video to see what I am referencing.



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All on scene really appeared to be oblivious to safe operation. No need to be operating controls on the driver side of the deck. NEVER turn your back totally to traffic, EVER. And what was the purpose of the blocks?

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Yesterday morning's weather was in the low 40's so perhaps the reflective uniformed shirts were under their jackets instead of being their outer-most garment. I like the State Farm Safety Patrol blocks with arrow-boards as that's rare if ever around here in Southern California. According to the news report, they worked that crash for an hour and a half, so I'm sure the blocks were appreciated.     r.

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