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Who Remembers The 70's Van Craze?

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From 2016:


This was something a little different...



TowZone said:

Oh yeah, are they bringing it back to life or is is Rat on purpose?


Eds Towing tubegreen.gif said:

You know I'm not sure what the intention was? I'll have to ask my driver what he did with it.


someotherplace said:

All it needs is "free candy" written on the side panels.


BlackAutoLoad said:

I could see a plumber /sparky/ tradesman loading that sucker up.


Ben said:

Does  anyone remember the one Randys High Country towing in Colorado had?It had a rollback on it I think it was a Chevron bed. 


Mooresbp tubegreen.gif said:

Yea that is well you said it ...CRAZY



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