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Our Savannah TowForce Mission Fund "LAST DAY"

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Those those that have been following the Drawings this month. You are aware my daughter Savannah is going on a Mission Trip to Poland. Savannah has been drawing names for our games most of her life. If she is busy and I am busy we have to wait. Actually, I think it's more she is busy...


Anyway, to support Savannah on her Mission Trip to Poland this summer. For the first two weeks of 2019 All First Time Patron Level member contributions will go towards her goal of $2700.00. After Family and Friends have contributed she is only $415 short of that goal. If you are currently a supporter and would like to support this mission trip. Contact me and I will advise how you can provide such support. Should we gather more funds than the $414 we will assist another students mission. Thank you


Thank you Bigiron for your contribution as a current supporter level member.


Thank you, Knighthawk Towing and Patrick with NSD for your contributions.


With this new Patron Level II she only needs $314.00 to reach goal and there are only 10 days remaining.


Can you support Savannah and her mission, while joining the supporter program on Tow411/TowForce.



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Add $20 from the continuing Facebook fundraiser. Savannah now needs $285 to reach goal and there are only 5 days remaining.


Remember all New First Time Patron Level and Bronze Supporters for the next 5 days go into the fund. Whatever she is short she will need to make up before the end of the month when all funds need to be in. I have had several Current Supporters inquire about sending her a check. Let me know it is headed this way within the next 5 days so I can add to the list of Mission Supporters. Thanks


the Address is 3131 So. 2nd St. #411, Louisville, Ky. 40208-1446


if really do you prefer paypal or a CC I will invoice you through the new system here.


Oh there will be a couple of drawings on Saturday. With the loss of her papaw, she just isn't up to it right now. So, I have not pushed her to do them. I apologize for the delay.

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Only a few days remain and the fund is only 10 Patron Level I supporters short of the funds. If she does not raise them here she will have 2 weeks to raise them elsewhere. Thank you to those who have participated.


There are checks being sent and I will add those when they arrive.

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Thanks to all those who have participated, both the new supporters and the current supporters who sent funds direct to Savannah for the Mission Trip. She will let you know how it is going before and after her return. Not sure about during, there are certainly numerous ways to chat and email.

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