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Lights flashing like crazy can’t get traffic to slow down!

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One of my guys in Norman was winching out a car on Hwy 9 near 12th Ave SW, and another towing company

was winching out a car right beside him. This SUV lost control and hit the other company’s rollback.




It saddens me that 2 tow trucks sitting right beside each other with lights flashing like crazy can’t get traffic to slow down.

Luckily there were no injuries.

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people just don't bother to pay attention.  I think it is the entitlement mentality that everyone seems to have kicking in, or the lack of common sense not sure which.  who cares what's going on around them.  they are in a hurry and they have text messages and phone calls to answer and the only people in the world that matter is them, so you had better get out of their way. lord help you if you don't.

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This should be a wake up call for everyone once again, that you are in error to assume that people are going to be diligent and attentive. People are not. It is not the responsibility of other people to ensure your safety. It is your responsibility as an operator to do EVERYTHING you can to mitigate the risk of harm that might occur when you are working on the side of the road. One of the first steps to taking responsibility is to assume that no one is paying attention to your emergency lights. A second step to taking responsibility is to assume that every driver on the highway or roadway is in some manner impaired, be it by alcohol, drugs, technology, sleep deprivation, or by just general disregard to the health, safety, and well being of others. Do not be lulled into complacency when working on the side of any roadway. Do not for a moment, think that it can not, or will not be you who is severely injured or killed due to a moments inattention. If you have children and a family who depend on your income, take responsibility for your actions and get life insurance or disability insurance to assist them in the event that you are seriously injured and unable to work, or are killed on the side of the road. Have a current last will in place as well as a do not resuscitate order in place if you are seriously injured. You should also specify as to whether you want a church service or funeral. If you are not going to do everything you can on the side of the road, at least do what you can to make your wishes known to ease the burden on your family.

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I have a question for any drivers outside the state of Arizona ...... 


Do any of your states have every damn Joe Semi running multiple ambers on their rigs when loaded?

Arizona has a serious problem with it, hell I see 18w flatbeds with a load MAYBE an inch over their outside rails,  but by-gawd they have amber beacons and strobes all over that rig lighting up the entire interstate!


I have indeed come over hills to see what looked everything bit of an emergency scene, only to come up on it and see yet another a**hole trucker.


It's no wonder my strobes mean NOTHING!!


/rant off



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