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Tow Operator Deaths- 2018

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Does anybody know exactly how many tow operators that we lost in 2018. For a long time, the average was one death every six days.  But it seems like I am reading about another fallen brother just about every day.

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Reports seem to be somewhere around 22 or 23 were stuck and killed. With a total of between 45 and 48 killed in the course of doing their jobs.


I should really do a better job of keeping up with the numbers. However, it gets me every time I have to do a Tower Down notification...

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Hey Don ... for 2018, my list totals 32x towers who lost their lives for various on-the-job reasons; shootings, medical issues while driving, heart attacks, traffic collisions, rollovers, 6x from industrial accidents. From that total, I've confirmed 17x towers were killed in highway related pedestrian/white-line scenarios. My overall total count for all causes was 49x fatalities or deaths for the year. I don't know of any list that's out there that can be 100-percent accurate based on worldwide incidents, the many categories of incidents and what criteria is being looked at? I've been archiving tow operator fatalities well over 20-years where I've confirmed as many as 313x towers killed on the highways and 919x towers killed for all reasons since California tow operator Kenneth Ray Davis was killed on October 6th, 1934. Every one of the towers listed on my matrix was confirmed by me via reputable sources, i.e., TowForce, ITRHOFM, Tow Operator's Memorial, numerous other websites, news articles, police reports. And, it's because the fatalities keep on occurring, it does seem like they're happening all to frequently.    R.

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