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Re: Texas Tow Operator Dies of Heart Attack - On Duty December 27, 2018

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Hi All ... I happened on a Facebook post that directed me to a Texas news article, dated, December 27th, 2018. Narrative reported that, Texas Department of Public Safety trooper Justin Michael was in the midst of a chaotic traffic stop when tow truck operator Glenn “Bam Bam” Sanco, 31,  just showed up. "The traffic stop got somewhat crazy as I had two people out of the vehicle. Out of nowhere a tow truck driver came over to the scene because he heard the chaos and he wanted to make sure I was good. After that, me and the tow truck driver traded crazy stories and spoke for about 15 minutes about life. The tow truck driver gave me his business card and told me I can call him any time of the day or Night. He stated 'Ask for Bam-Bam.' I too gave him my information and we briefly traded text," Michael wrote. A few hours later, Sanco would again help a state trooper at a different traffic stop during a stop for an incident near FM 521 near Trammel-Fresno Road. During that incident, a suspect got away from troopers. Sanco, nearby in his tow truck, jumped into action and tackled the suspect. Sanco collapsed at the scene and died at a nearby hospital.




I’d like to commend Glenn's actions and nominate him for recognition of a hero’s award in Atlantic City this coming year. His actions were worthy of recognition and he was on the job.  His passing would count as an industry-related, on-the-job death. Christine and I send our prayers and condolences to Glenn's wife and children. 


Note:  My total count of operator fatalities and deaths for 2018 totalled 49x lost souls for various reasons and causes.  This was my highest (archived) number of fatalites and deaths counted in the past 10-years.     R.


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