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This was posted in 2005, where is it now?


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Hdtowman65 added these images to a topic in November of 2005:


found these old pics wondering what happened to this truck?



Steve Avella said:

The picture is from Englishtown, NJ Raceway Park Diesel Nationals..


The truck was Don's of New York.... Don's is out of business now... They now run Walking floor & dump trailers out of New York...


That truck was built at the same time my 35 tonner was being built... My brother and I flew out to the factory one weekend compliments of Arnold Pollizzi while they were building our truck, They were just completing the boom of this 60 tonner.... Don's Autocar was also at the factory at that time... 45 ton Autocar with a drag winch... They apparently were winching something heavy ( A dozer I think) and when the truck slid back? they bent the 2 legs under the back of the truck... Also bending the tailgate so badly the under reach wouldn't operate.... That had to be an expensive fix.... Guess that's why they gave up the towing business...


Don's operates under the name of Whitney now... They did a lot of work at ground zero with Mazzochi..... Not sure where the truck went.... Steve

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fowtow82 said:

That's a sharp looking truck.emoticonthumb.gif

hdtowman65 said:
I took this pic back around the late 80s.heard he didnt have it to long,was just too big around the tri state area. Had to weigh about im guessing 70,000? Heard it might have went to the pacific northwest somewhere. Rick
michael212 tubegreen.gif said:
That truck is located in Tacoma, Wa. It is owned & operated by Bill's Towing & Garage. It was the first tator in the Northwest in the late 80's. I'll see if I can come up with some pics.
Michael Myers
JRhd34 said:
Yes that truck is located in the WA area now,, first rotator built by mr bottoms i do believe. The black cat was second when he reconfigured the outriggers. Brings a tear to my eye, thats my tators gran daddy..

Those pics are awesome thank you for sharing
nytowboss said:
i have pics of that truck when it showed up at the 1988 Lake George tow show. If i remember correctly 2 identical trucks were built at the time one went to Dons the other went to schalnou towing in calif. Several years ago Dons son Don jr was killed in a car accident while on his way to help another driver they than changed the name to New York Recovery.
JRhd34 said:
Ahh The truck you speak of in CA was the infamous BLACK CAT she resides at Anaheim Fullerton Towing. almost identical trucks but the black cat had the tag axle in the rear. Probably one of the most well known trucks ever on the West Coast. Mr Bottoms stuff has always been heavy but always there when you needed it specially in the clutch. I believe that's why he started mounting the winches on the boom to eliminate some of the weight issue. My tator is 70k+ just as she sits!!
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