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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in November of 2013:


In decent shape for sitting so long.Brought it to its new covered home 30 miles away.

Got tired of all the questions.  The no AAA has actually drawn more comments.


I was getting all the crap from the gas attendants(in Oregon you can't pump your own gas, flipping dumb!).
You know, I was once a repo man, now I pump gas guys... haha

Dollies aren't that bad really.... I swear they are lighter than the older collins with 4.80s.
Lift is from Detroit wrecker installed by me. Lil Hercules model. Simple L-arm job.

Current rear pic.


Someotherplace said:

Which are they, Collins or ITD?

I was really surprised several months ago when I went over to the supply shop and weighed dollies, but I only compared 4.80's - the Collins frames were considerably lighter than ITD's, by about 11lbs a side. I was hoping to find something lighter than the Collins already on my truck; I was going to come out of my own pocket for a set to try to save my back.

That cracks me up about the gas station guys with the repo stories. ;)  Back when I ran a sneaky truck I even got the same routine from a guy working the Whataburger drive-through window.  My truck was just slightly more conspicuous; TX law says the letters have to be X number of inches high, contrasting color, etc.  So I went with the brushed-aluminum looking vinyl on top of a slightly larger set of black letters so that they had a very small outline, on a white truck.


Man, I miss my ole GMC. :(

BlackAutoLoad said:
Collins brand. I have beat the **** out of their dollies for years and they keep on trucking.
"Flatbed in a can" as an old coworker called them.

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