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Left A Few Facts Out Of The Call....

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Get a call from a woman asking to have her car Explorer from her house to a local European Mechanical shop? Seems odd but they are new (Hungry) and work on multi lines (anything that moves) so we gave a price of a "C" note for a Local tow and they agree. Eddie gets down there and there aren't any cars in the driveway? She doesn't answer her phone so he comes back. She calls 30 min later and explains it's actually across the street from that address...so he goes back again...Well there is a Jeep wrecked down in the woods on a neighbors property....


Where it started...



She said it started to slide so she jumped out....Nuts...





He recovered it to the road & loaded it on dollys...




Rear axle was torn up, body smashed all over & the left door was open which caused it to do a "Tommy Boy" on the drivers door and bent it right around to the fender....Yea it was junk...




Eddie told them it was destroyed and that $100 price was gone...We explained that we would bring it to our shop for the insurance company to pick up & they could pay all the charges....


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Wow, she's lucky she didn't run her own self over. Gotta love when they leave out the "small" details

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