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Narrower wheel grids for Heavies (from 2006)

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Yorktow wrote in 2006:

I've been having some issues with the heavy duty wheel grids for the Vulcan heavies. They are too wide for some motorhomes and medium duty chassis. I am thinking of making a narrower set that will still use the scoop and bar from the wider grids.

Has anyone else done this or is there a medium duty set available? This may be a question for Brent M.. Would Miller consider this as an option to wheelift the medium class vehicles with the heavies?

Input please!!! Thanks.




Made my own. They are 7 inches narrower and will close to 68" and open to 80".
towmandoug said:
Miller offers a set of medium or mid-sized wheel grids for their heavies. We and use both sets depending on the application........but I don't have to tell ya, the medium size is easier to handle.........I looked all over their site, but cannot find them listed. I know they came with our Vulcan......more when I figure it all out.

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