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I got a call today from some sort of an Agero automated dispatching system.  The male voice talks quickly, so you have to pay attention.  You have to indicate whether you want the call or not.  So I clicked YES.  The voice says that they will either fax or email it.  But the voice doesn't give you a choice.  I do not want faxes.  I want my calls emailed to me because for some reason I can't retrieve faxes from the phone anymore.  The call never got sent at all.  Later, the member called me to say that the call was taken backwards.  So I told the guy to call Progressive back so they could fix it and re-dispatch it.  And they did.  The call finally got dispatched.  And I handled it.  It happened again later on.  I never got the call and I never heard any more about it.  If you have called ID, the call originates from Chelsea, MA.  I'm done with that.

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Why is any club still using fax? Why is any tower still accepting tax. So yesterday, I get aggravated when someone say can you fax that. No, give me an email and I'll send it to you. I get silence.

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     HMMMM..... "Why is any tower accepting fax - I get aggrivated when asked to fax".    I do not email - period.  I prefer fax.  So if you intend to communicate with me by any other media than telephone, it WILL be fax.  You may say that I'm ancient, old school, not with the times, get into the 21st century, will lose business, etc. - but - I will not email - period.  Thanks, Steve.

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