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From Tow Times - So Much More than Writing Traffic Tickets

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Geri-Roskopf-1-275x300.jpgI had the opportunity to participate in our local police department’s Citizen Police Academy. The Academy was created to give the public a working knowledge of their department’s organization, personnel, policies and procedures and as an opportunity for the police department to build a rapport with the citizens they serve.

All participants had to complete a questionnaire and application. Participants in the class I attended had many diverse backgrounds. Each of us was excited to learn more about the police department and how, after our graduation, we could be an advocate for them throughout the community.

To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. There were 11 sessions and each one was not only educational but was hands-on. The presenters were professional and eager to share their expertise in the departments they worked in. All questions were answered with diplomacy and patience.

We got to meet the police K-9 and his handler, learn defense and arrest tactics, firearm safety, visit the fire department and meet detectives specializing in areas such as drug enforcement, crime scene investigations and crisis negotiations. We even were able to try our hand at using radar and dusting for fingerprints. The technology used in investigations today was fascinating.

The men and women working in police departments face many dangers each day. While they may know they are being sent to a traffic violation, they are unaware of exactly what situation they will encounter when they get there. While a situation may seem routine, they will often need to rely on their extensive training to assess and hopefully diffuse a situation – not unlike incidents the towing industry faces daily.

Yes, the members of any police department do much more than write traffic tickets. Members of the towing industry work with law enforcement every day, and I know my experience and what I learned going through the Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy has helped me become a better citizen, and an advocate for the police department and all they do.

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Thanks Jeri for your words that support your local police departments and a great invite for others to take the time to attend a citizen academy. As a retired police officer, I can tell you that an officer's professionalism and bravery are only two of the many hats they wear. I'd like to urge all towers to take a ride-along and get a feel of what police work is about, and while you're at it, ask your officer how tow operators can better serve the law enforcement community. A face-to-face intereaction is worth every minute of your time.    R. 

Randall C. Resch

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