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Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Drawing "Tow411/TowForce"

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Today's Question:


First, I have always been blunt. I will never tell you it's sunny outside when it's actually raining. I am not going to tell you how great the attendance was at a towing industry event when those that were in attendance know better. But, I am going to tell you that the growth of TowForce while slow in 2018 is looking positive. Yes, the Holiday Gifting Posts are down from the years on the Old Message Board. Percentage wise when there were over 7000 members on old message board system there were about 300 participating. We have around 2500 members and around 100 participating in the drawing this year. So, I see the participation as down and then I look at the numbers. Several of you know I am always running the numbers. Yes, the number of members is not what I had expected neither are the number of posts. However the Guest traffic is very high, so if you're a guest and you are reading this now is the time to join. More opportunities at prizes will start in 2019.


With that said the question of the day is simple"


Tow411 became a Force in the Towing Industry. That system broke and it took longer than expected to get everything in a new message board system that we required.


It has been a year now.

What are your thoughts on the change from Tow411 to TowForce by Tow411.net ?

What are your suggestions for growing our membership at a more rapid pace?

The forums are nearly the same as was developed over years on the old system.

Do you have any suggestions or changes to the current forum line up?

Lastly are their any industry vendors you would like to see participating?

(ie: Manufacturers, Dealers, Motor Clubs, State Associations, etc.)



Tow411.net - The Towing Information Network

TowForce.net - The New Force in the Towing Industry


Remember a Reply Each Day counts as an entry!


We need your zip code, so if you have not added it please do so now. This week the days will be Mon. - Thurs.


If you answered previous questions you will not be require to enter that info again. Good Luck!


You can Simply Reply "HERE" however that may limit your prize as we need at minimum a zip code.


And of course we are still in need of a couple of more gifts.

So, if you have something to Gift please let us know. Thanks


We have a Wireless Light Bar from Towmate -

A Wireless Light Bar from Metro Tow Store -

A HI _Vis 8 Point Tie Down from Detroit Wrecker -

Some Diecast, T-Shirts, Texas Roadhouse Gift Card and misc. from Tow411 -



Also: An Intro to Towing Online Course



In Closing, It has come to my attention several new members have been trying to add a reply to the entry posts.

If you have been unable to reply then you may not be logged in or you may need to create an introduction post.

The Introduction post is made within the Introduction Forum. Just part of the procedure used to control spammers.

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I always liked Tow411.... I still use Towforce just the same, but it will always be called "Tow411" in my eyes.. ha.  But I understand the reasons for the switch.  It works much the same as tow411 did.  I would love to see more activity and interaction from members, but dont know how to entice more people to get involved.

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I have not been visiting the new site much because in the beginning I found it much more difficult to navigate so did not return. I have been poking around just now and think I have it figured out.

I'll try to return more often.

Zip 03431

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Me too, use tow force the same as tow411. Change is inevitable and I suspect that it will take awhile for it to catch up to where tow 411 was.

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Ron, you’re doing a great job with the site. The changes just happened to coincide with my life becoming busier and I’ve had less time to visit the site. Keep up the good work and I’ll log on and reply to topics as tome allows. 89008. 

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Everyone has made some great points. I had a tough time logging on and figuring out what my old password was as it was stored on all of my devices. I also had to figure what letters to capitalize and the spacing. I got frustrated and focused on other things in the mean time. Happy that I figured it out again and logged in but business is busy and there does not seem to be much down time anymore. I learned a lot from Tow411 and miss the old set up but I am sure you will build this new site up again. 


I'll try to log in more and contribute when I can.


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Ron change is always hard to accept but the more we use the site the more we gain from it I also don't think you need to worry about the numbers as its not quantity it quality 


zip code 94536 


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