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Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Drawing "Favorite Sport"

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Today's Question:


Do you have Favorite Sport? If you want to add a Favorite Team as well that's good.


There so many sports that are non traditional these days I really have to give this some thought.


Remember a Reply Each Day counts as an entry!


We need your zip code, so if you have not added it please do so now. This week the days will be Mon. - Thurs.


If you answered previous questions you will not be require to enter that info again. Good Luck!


You can Simply Reply "HERE" however that may limit your prize as we need at minimum a zip code.


And of course we are still in need of a couple of more gifts.

So, if you have something to Gift please let us know. Thanks


We have a Wireless Light Bar from Towmate -

A Wireless Light Bar from Metro Tow Store -

A HI _Vis 8 Point Tie Down from Detroit Wrecker -

Some Diecast, T-Shirts, Texas Roadhouse Gift Card and misc. from Tow411 -



Also: An Intro to Towing Online Course



In Closing, It has come to my attention several new members have been trying to add a reply to the entry posts.

If you have been unable to reply then you may not be logged in or you may need to create an introduction post.

The Introduction post is made within the Introduction Forum. Just part of the procedure used to control spammers.

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