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Refurbishing our new to us flatbed

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Topic Originally Created by Byddon in July of 2012:


Bought an 08 flatbed with srs in the spring, and have been slowly getting it ready for service.


Not quite finished, but getting close. Still waiting on the truck decals and race ramps so we can mount them. Also have to fab up a telescoping step for easier access onto the bed.


towman33 said:

Look's good if you need a nice bumper or visor find dave at virgo he has lot's of pretty add on's for those 4300's .


Wreck85 said:

Now you gotta get the polish out for the bed sides lol looks good , You will love the srs in cottage country.


Byddon said:

This truck was actually in service less than 3 years from what we can tell, and I dont think all of the rot can be blamed entirely on maintance.


P5200017.jpgWe replaced the light housings with aluminum, the control valve crossmember with thicker stainless and replaced about half of the hyd lines/hoses.
P5250026.jpgMy personal favorite was the hose routing they did on the side puller. The wire rope was rubbing a couple of the lines....

P6280036.jpgThe bent hyd holding tank and missing tool boxes were a nice touch as wellP5190048-1.jpg

Got the deck ladder made and installed.P7250005.jpgP7250003.jpgP7250002.jpg
Getting closer...


StapleyTowin said:

Looking good!!!!


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Thinking back I’m thinking thevrehab of equipment was the best part of the business. Nice looking out come.


John R.___" WATCH YOUR BACK"____

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