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Small outfits using towing/dispatch software?


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04-30-17: Chuckwithnoltes said,


What do you use for accounting software?

Our current system (towbook) inputs into quick books.


DRILLC said:

We used (towbook) and it worked ok but we was told about swoop. It is REALLY SWEET. When you receive a call and a motorist is unaware where they are broke down at you send them a link from swoop. They hit accept that offers you to see their location and at that time they have put their drop-off address. You get the make and model of the car tag number. Then when you receive that back if they did not fill in all the areas you just put in to make a model tag color whatever you like sitting straight to your driver with one button. At that time your driver hits except pulls up Google Maps texting a straight to the pickup address. It will then click on site and then when he's loaded he will hit in Route. it would then again pull up Google Maps taking him straight to the drop. At that time if they have a smartphone you can scan the VIN can take pictures can take the customer signature and even email the customer their receipt you can link it back to your Facebook website whatever you'd like for the reviews. It has so many features it's very new to the industry but they are only focusing on the towing industry. We love it and if you need something tailored they are a software company so they can make whatever you like check them out hope you enjoy.


Central Towing GA said:

We also use Quickbooks. That feature of (towbook) is very appealing for sure. To be honest, I may only have to retrieve one invoice a month,  if that...so wasting time looking for it is a non-issue for us. Thanks for everyone's replies, they have been very helpful. I'll keep monitoring our efficiency and see if (towbook) garners a ROI.


01-18-18: Seabeetow4u said:

I really liked Swoop, but we were just informed after getting it all set up with our rates and info that Agero just bought them out.
Great. So they’ll know all out rates...


01-19-18: Seaeetow4u

Well Swoop apparently called our office when I was out complaining about the above post. Note that the email we received made it sound like Agero was indeed buying Swoop. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Swoop here, but how can we be assured they won’t soon know all our rates across the board? That’ll make negotiating with them a real hoot.

Also we like running calls for Agero as long as we’re careful about what we take. They are good business people, they want the maximum service for the minimum payout. I can’t fault them for that. At all. Which is why it makes perfect sense they’d like to acquire an app like Swoop.

Call the above remarks “disparaging” if you like, but they are based on a genuine concern we have, and it’s serious enough we’re considering going back to the way we were, at least for the time being.

But. But. Again. We love your app and your customer service has been extraordinarily good.




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