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12 Days of Christmas Drawing

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Lets see how much interest there is in a 12 Days of Christmas Drawing.


We have not seen one of these in a few years and before I go and secure a bunch of prizes I need to know the level of Interest. I am thinking the way this will work this time around. Following the Baltimore Tow Show I will start a drawing topic where the prizes/gifts will be posted. Each member will be entered once with a reply in the topic. Also, when a member posts either a recovery or towing topic in the proper forum. That member will receive an entry for each qualified post. A qualified post will have a description and more than one image.


Any Thoughts? Is this something you would participate in? Those who have been in our drawing know we have excellent prizes, most are gifted from our valued sponsors.


Sponsors, I will be contacting you for a Holiday Gift or you can add an item or items to this topic. Thank you


Note: this will not be limited to supporters anyone will be able to gift an item.


Note: To those participating in the drawing. It seems every year there is always one gift that for some reason does not get delivered by Christmas. If you do not receive a Gift, no complaints let me know and I will find another prize. Nothing is a guarantee and there is no guarantee on a gifted item. Though keep in mind an overwhelming majority are sent out prior to the end of the season. Now let's do Baltimore and then some Turkey before we talk much more about Christmas. 

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I think it’s a cool idea. A nice way to get a little more action on the forum too!

I won a great prize a few years ago when this was done. I got one of the control arm/ ball joint skates from ITI

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