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What have you done for your gearbox lately?

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We generally do not give them any consideration until they act up, but your transmission is a vital component to allow your truck to motor down the road. Yet they are probably the most neglected component in your vehicle. Transmissions generate a tremendous amount of heat. They are responsible for most of the ambient heat that is processed through the cooling system. And they require regular attention. So many people are diligent in changing engine oil, air and fuel filters, but totally neglect their vehicles transmissions. If you have an automatic transmission, it might be to your benefit to replace the factory transmission cooling unit with a larger capacity cooler. If you change the fluid regularly, ensure that you are getting all of the fluid out of the system. Ford units usually have a small 11 mm plug on the torque converter that allow the fluid to be drained from the converter. This plug is accessed by removing the rubber plug in the bell housing. Of course, use the highest quality filters you can afford. Cheap filters generally mean inferior filters.

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Routine service. Last weekend in our 550 dropped the pan and new filter, few months ago did rear service on everything. 5500 may be due for a fluid change, shakker did fluid and spin on filter when the trans line blew. That has over 340k but trans done around 200k original benz 6.4l motor still strong. Isuzu got new tranz but valve dropped in motor awaiting a new motor. So I believe we focus on all fluids, oh and ford wrecker had a change of fluid to. ATF in a zf manual 5 speed..... good looking

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