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Eastwood Company selling car dollies (gojack style) on sale this week

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We saw out local store offering a deal this week on a set of Eastwood Company car dollies and the cart for under $400 for the entire set. We picked them up just to have around as needed.













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Had them less than a week and already a use for them. We towed in a highlander with a blown rear. It was able to drive into the shop for our mechanic to check out but when trying to back out of the shop the rear was so bad it bound up. A set of the jacks under the rear wheels and the car was easy to push out of the bay.

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Please read the reviews on Eastwood's site before buying these.  Yes they're cheaper than a set of Go-Jaks but their usability and quality seems limited.


Go-Jaks aren't perfect either but they've performed well considering as a PPI driver I use them in all the situations you aren't supposed to.  Rough surfaces, inclines, cars jammed up against curbs, etc.  Yes there are occasional failures (usually the casters bend or break) but we still have Go-Jaks that are so old there's hardly any paint left on them and with minor repairs along the way, they are still functioning.  It's also very easy to source repair parts for them.  I don't see any repair parts for the Eastwood units on Eastwood's own site...and they have a 1 year warranty vs. Go-Jak's 7 year warranty.



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