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Ever get tired of reaching into a toolbox or under a counter to pull out a heavy object? Introducing our Heavy Duty Storage Drawers made out of military grade aluminum. These drawers are rated at 500lbs and each slide has a lock in/out position to keep from closing as your trying to place an object in the drawer. We designed this guy to mount on any flat surface with vertical adjustment for various heights. We built a drill template into the tray for ease of installation. It also includes 5 adjustable dividers which allow you to separate your items. Additional dividers can be purchased under part #ITD1688. We incorporated this into our In The Ditch Pro SeriesTM Toolbox Accessory Line. They will mount in ITD1570, ITD1660, & ITD1548 Pro SeriesTM Toolboxes. They will mount under our full/half shelf kits. As well as above our ITD1284 Slide In Jack Bracket. Specific layouts can be found on our website.MADE IN THE USA.





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Guest where to buy?

where can this item be purchased?

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Guest sales?

can not find it listed online for sale...

aw direct-zips-worldwide equip...all listed on itd website as stocking distributors and no listing. 

emailed itd and they simply said here is a link to our website. no help whatsoever to sell there product. wonder how customer service would be after a sale?

I would buy them if available somewhere but cant do that if they are a secret stock item somewhere

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