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Poly-Gen™ 180-CT Tandem Axle

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For tandem axle towing vehicles, the UPF Poly-Gen™ 180-CT Tandem Axle body offers the perfect combination of durability, strength, and customization options. The tandem axle tow body is smooth, quiet, and features the same increased storage as UPF’s other polypropylene products. Never worry about dings and dents with this lightweight but surprisingly strong tow body. For mid-size, tandem axle towing vehicles, the Poly-Gen™ 180-CT Tandem Axle offers the best combination of lightweight material and durability you’ll find.



Don Walters is back! He has built over 400 heavy duty wreckers that are throughout this country and the world and DeWalt is back in business! Don has built some of the finest 50 ton wreckers in the industry and what did he choose for his new body? A UPF PG-180 Tandem Axle PolyBody® because it’s the future! It not only has the best warranty in the industry but it also is rust proof, corrosion resistant, lighter weight and durable. A limited lifetime warranty for your service applications is the smartest investment you can make. Imagine not having to replace a rusted out door or pitted fender every 3 years on the same truck.



kochsauto said:

are tunnel tool boxes available?also how does one get pricing.


Polyman said:

Yes tunnel tool boxes are available!  You can call me (Pat Cahill) 978-360-4546 or email pcahill@unitedplastic.com to discuss your project and get a quote.

Here is a picture of a stand alone replacement tunnel box that we built for ANS Recovery of Irvington, NJ.



Polyman said:

Actually the 180 model includes a tunnell box, let's talk about your specific project.  Email me pcahill@unitedplastic.com and send me your contact information and I will call you.


leroy hedrick said:

how do you mount forks ,chain racks,hammer holders ,cable brackets ,propane torch ,etc how do you fasten brackets to inside of box.


Polyman said:

Hi there Leroy.  I consulted our Project Engineer and he said, Each body is prepared to accept the steel chain rack. In the a specific location. The fork holders are welded in at the time of order. Lighter equipment can be attached directly to the walls. Thru bolts are recommended.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.  Thank you!


bwwrecker said:

please quote the 180 in and tunnel box for a 1990 century 5230, what is the weight difference between your sides and steel, rick@bwwrecker.com

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