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Two New Poly-Gen™ PolyBody® Replacement Orders!

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Topic Originally Post on Tow411 in may of 2016:


UPF's Program Manager for Speciality Products, Stan Wojnowski just got back from measuring two replacement bodies.  TDI Repair & Towing in Swanton, VT and Auto Route Towing in Canada.   As UPF’s Program Manager for Specialty Products, Stan works closely with our customers. Including with the design of the body, as well as the onsite measuring to assure a perfect fit to existing chassis’s.

This TDI unit  is an old AATAC.  Check out the rust on this old AATAC!  Once the new PolyBody® is mounted, this TDI wrecker is going to look brand new!


This AutoRoute Towing is a Century 5030 which started as a standard 5030 that they added a front pusher axle to and remade two of the original doors.  Wow, these doors and compartments are full of rust!  This AutoRoute Towing wrecker will be looking a good as new, stay tuned for updated pictures!
northeast said:
Tuned into progress updates. How long has the technology been used a severe duty applications.
Polyman said:
We have been making Poly-Tanks® water and foam tanks for fire trucks for 30 years.  These tanks are able to stand up to the grueling demands of our countries 1st Reponders.  We are using the same proven technology we use to manufacture our tanks, for the PolyBodies® for the towing service. 
  • 1986 UPF incorporated in Massachusetts in a 6,400 sf facility and the Poly-Tank® was introduced
  • 1994 UPF introduced the PolyBody® for utility trucks
  • 2008 UPF introduced the Integrator™ Poly-Tank®/PolyBody® for fire trucks
  • 2011 UPF built it's first tow PolyBody® for Jerr-Dan - a 16-Ton wrecker
  • 2014 UPF built it's first Poly-Gen™ replacement tow, PolyBody® for Donald Moss Towing in Florida - this was a PG150 tri axle




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