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Poly-Gen™ 60-CA Light Duty

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Originally Posted in May of 2016:


Perfect for light duty towing, the Poly-Gen™ 60-CA Light Duty tow body is made from the same exclusive PT3™ copolymer polypropylene as UPF’s other highly rated polypropylene products. Lightweight and durable, the Poly-Gen 60-CA Light Duty body is damage resistant and, unlike competing tow bodies, promises to never rust or corrode. Adaptable to several different tow truck sizes, this body can be paired with a tunnel box of 24″x30″ for smaller trucks, or a 36″x48″ size range for larger vehicles.


The body features include easy access storage of dollies integrated into the rear dock slope along with large tool compartments to store your GoJaks and additional equipment.  The high impact resistant body even comes with a limited lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.


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