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My Main Laptop is Down

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So, I got nearly 3 years out of this one and the screen went out.


Time for a new one, problem is I am strapped for cash as I have focused on regenerating the message board. In fact I have devoted so much time to bring the community back from near disaster I have not invoiced Patrons & Sponsors on a timely basis. Making sure the community was back on track has been my main concern. Generating funds to keep it going has taken a back seat. Now, I am forced to ask for help. I have a Supporter that has pledged to match funds up to $1000.00 in order to get a new Macbook Pro.


I need to raise these funds in the next 45 days. So, the way that has been done in the past is ask for new Patrons a Sponsors.


Being a supporter is not a requirement, those who have chosen to provide such support are recognized by either a Patron or Sponsor Bar under their screen name. I addition they are noted in the sidebar.


To join our supporter program visit our store which is still being updated at https://www.towforce.net/subscriptions/



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How about plug it into your TV with a hdmi cked if it had that output. I did that with mine when that happened
Kind of defeats the whole portability thing haha

I'll look into throwing some cash your way soon. Even when I haven't posted I've enjoyed the forum so it's high time I support it.

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I have been a member of Tow 411 now Towforce for over 13 years ( I think )  and it is without doubt the most informative forum for the towing industry in existence...

I have met a lot of very knowledgeable folks  and truly very welcoming families and seen many innovative ideas and solutions ......

with the advent of social media some things have changed   ( I am not sure for the better !! ) 

This forum is an excellent learning tool and information exchange and cannot be allowed to founder ....

I have renewed my sponsorship  today  and am proud to do so ....


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