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2016 F-550 6.8 Recall Notice

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Got a recall notice for my 2016 F-550 to replace the camshaft roller followers.I have the 6.8 V-10.The customer satisfaction program # is 17B30.

The program expires July 31,2019.



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Just a word of advice,

Ford pays roughly half price on labor for warranty work. This is a pretty major operation to the engine, so.... obviously you want the technician who is working on it to be in a happy, positive frame of mind. Keep in mind that this technician did not engineer this engine, and did not build it at the plant. It would be to your benefit to speak to the technician who is actually doing the work on your truck, and buy him or her breakfast or lunch, or both, and slip them some cash to help them get and keep their mind right. I would also request that your vehicle be worked on by a at least a Ford Certified Master Technician. When I say worked on by, that means that they are doing the work. I think we all agree that we do not want our truck to be the first major engine work a technician completes. There are far too many things that can go wrong.

Just think of how you would feel if you went out to a roll over accident and were told that you were only getting paid for half ticket. I know I would not be happy.

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I have seen several different theories on why these engines fail.  Something about an oil seal, high idle hours, lower weight oil, all contributing to a high failure rate.  Ford now recommends 5W30 in all V10 engines regardless of year.  There is this recall for 2012-2016 models.  And then there's that one fleet owner with an 81% failure rate on his 2013 model bucket trucks.  It concerns me deeply that an engine that's been made for two decades can have these sort of minor part failures eat the whole engine.

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