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We have the power to stop motor clubs.

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Jason, for some people, motor club work fits their business model. It works for them. The people of this industry are their own worst enemy. Motor clubs exploit that dissention, and realize that there is always someone who will tow for cheap. When OSHA begins to regulate this industry, people will have to take a serious look at their business model. If they do not, then we will see how many business entities can survive multiple thirty five thousand dollar fines.

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I love motor club/roadside service work, been doing it for years, been very profitable.... But i'm not contracted. Your already failing at business when you let customers set your rates.

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After 50 years hear there has always been a new kid on the block, someone will always be there to give it a try .

Some will use it to get a foot hold some will find out they are running their trucks in the ground without money to replace .

If you can make it work good for you , I did it once for a while .

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