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"Let's talk Flashlights"

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I have gone through a few over the years and none have quite been what I would call my favorite. Ranging from cheap to pricey most are just a light. My preference are the tactical or duty lights with higher lumens. With that said, other than a rugged box type lights what are you carrying?

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Besides working on trucks, I'm a scout leader. I use a replaceable battery powered Maglite that I've had for years and I haven't broken it yet. Camping or on the trail, a rechargeable light would be dead weight when it runs out. This is what I have:



This light has even more Lumens. I don't have one but it could be charged in your truck:




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Light is great, super bright & durable.   Always carry it F71B44CA-5EAA-4E25-ACA5-F29DE67F7C50.thumb.jpeg.29d44efee8e29c4801b39e4755af3ebb.jpeg



Besides having that lil sreamlight led aaa light that's always in my pocket I carry this small rechargeable sreamlight and this headlamp that is rechargeable by USB that I picked up at a Walmart for about 20 bucks. One of the best headlamps I've ever used even tho short life if you use the max setting but for a tire change or service it does the job well for me.


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I wear ballcaps constantly so I picked up a Streamlight Bandit. USB rechargable and clips right on the bill. Puts the light right where I need it. I also have a Streamlight Dualie for a regular flashlight when I need it. Cheap and disposable so I don't feel it when/if I lose it (still stinging over losing my streamlight stinger HL)




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