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Holmes W90?


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Larry Lange said:


Does anybody know anything about this truck?


Jamie Doughery said:

Looks like an old WELD BUILT to me.
Larry Lange said:
I thought so at first but for some reason the mast and booms look much bigger than a weldbuilt, and the body looks like that of a real old w45?
hpg1 said:
i think that autocar use to belong to george logan in north brunswick nj and i think its a weld built body.................bob
Yep...Absolutely... That belong to George Logan Towing of North Brunswick, NJ without a doubt...

Here is picture of it at the Diesel Nationals taken in about 1982... Thats our Mack 1701 before it had the Trebron Stiff leg and the Trebron Under reach....

Hope this helps? Be safe.... Steve
Man that a huge Mamgama.
Steve I think Im going to buy you lunch just so you can take me there to see some of the truck LOGAN has and had.
Will Cain
NoFrills said:
I think Logan also had a different twin steer A car heavy I remeber them driving one around in the early 90's maybe it had a 850
Da Wash Boss said:
Information on this unit,,,, 1964 Autocar with a 40 ton weld built wrecker unit. The truck has a double frame front to rear from the factory. The sub frame for the wrecker was reinforced to handle 50 - 60 ton loads. The wrecker has 3/4 inch cable and the wrecker also has a garwood drag winch that carries 500 feet of one inch cable.

When built new the truck was equipped with a 190 Cummins with 5 speed main and a 4 speed auxiliary transmission. American towing purchased this truck around 1983. In 1986 this truck was at the Englishtown Nationals and turned a smokin 39.18 ET / 36.6 mph quarter mile.

I do not know where this truck is today but that's the history I know of this truck.
Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"
njChuck said:
Ok I can take it from here, DA WASH BOSS, Steve & Bob, have it right. Now in 1991 I bought American Towing out. In the buy out I got a flatbed, F-600 wrecker, Mack R-Model/Holmes 750, and this AWSOME PIECE, which I had wanted since I was 15 years old. Then it sucks from there, figures I finally got this truck I wanted for years, but I couldn't keep it cuz I needed a Hydrolic Boom/Underreach, so I had to let it go.

The truck, which by the way only had 25,000 miles on it in 1991,went to Cambell's Garage in Ligonier Ind. and they had a big make over in store for it, but someone from Pippen Wrecker Festos Mo. wanted it pretty bad and talked them into selling it. So as far as I know that's where it is, I SURE DO MISS MY TRUCK.
EdsTowing said:
Chuck, did that Cambell's have red trucks, mostly 359 Pete's? That name sounds firmilure. My friend sold his 359 with a 45ton Challenger to a guy out there. They sent a picture of it all redone in red. It was an awesome recovery truck but no wheel lift. The new owner told me he did a lot of mixer work and just wanted something to pull with...and he got a dandy!

That Acar is a nice looking unit. Logan's has probably owned some of the largest recovery trucks in the country.

Hey Steve, is that B model "Ugly's" red headed step sister???
hpgtowing said:
Hey Ed how's things? Yes Sir! Logan has and still does have some of the largest wreckers in America without a doubt... Anytime ya feel like drooling like a baby just stop in and visit the Logan Family.... Yeah The back on the Mack B81 is somewhat similar to Ugly's ... I actually stopped and looked at the B-81 a few years ago.... It's only a few miles South of George Logan... But it's been stored outdoors since George sold it and the years have caught up on it.... Take care and stay well.... Steve
njChuck said:
Hey Ed., the name might sound familliar if you remember back to 2000 at the Baltimore show B&B had one the first 80 Ton Rotators they built there, it was on Black 5 axle Mack CL 700 that also belonged to Cambell's Garage, needless to say I was a little surprised to see they moved WAY up from a 64 A Car, to a 80 Ton Rotator.
Edward0110 said:
The last time I saw that particular truck was in Las Vegas Nevada back in 1998. Not sure where it has been since then.
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