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Berks-based tow truck company heads to hurricane zone

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READING, Pa. - The call has been made.

"If you've been asked to evacuate, don't wait," said North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper. "Leave now."

Thousands are answering the call to evacuate as Hurricane Florence twirls toward the eastern seaboard, but one Berks County-based tow truck operator is planning a trip toward the storm.

"They're telling us Saturday, but we are going to hold off a little bit due to the hurricane hovering over North Carolina [on] Friday night at midnight," said Will Arndt, owner of Arndt's Recovery Solutions in Heidelberg Township.

It's not the first time Arndt has taken his tow truck to areas hit hard by hurricanes.

"We did it last year for Hurricane Harvey," said Arndt. "[A] couple of local companies went down to Houston, Texas, and we were down there for quite some time."

Working on the side of a busy road to recover a car can be difficult, but Arndt said post-hurricane, things are much worse.

"Something you can't really describe," Arndt said. "You walk into it and you go to work."

The work won't be easy, as the need to remove ruined cars will remain nearly constant.

"On an average day in Houston, we did about eight to 12 cars," Arndt explained.

In addition to bringing his towing experience, he'll also be hauling much-needed water and food.

"Right now, my company is going to be picking up pallets of water from Sam's Club, and we're going to be transporting probably three pallets of water out to them, plus whatever the food bank provides," Arndt said.

Arndt is also prepared for the emotional aspect of dealing with those in dire circumstances and said it comes with the territory.

"Kinda try not to dawn on the situation," Arndt said. "Cars can be replaced, people can't. Property can be replaced, people can't."

As for how much time he'll spend down south?

"We're gonna be down there until the job is done," he said.

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