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Wanted 9/13/18: Backhaul fron Brooklyn NY to Southeastern PA

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I am about to send a flatbed to Brooklyn NY with a BMW.  Leaving SE PA  at 2:30 pm, headed to Brooklyn, then back empty.  Ill be coming home to Southeastern PA empty if anyone has anything.  Ill be in a Dodge 5500 flatbed.  call my cell 610-636-9358 Paul

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The job was completed. It was uneventful. Paid by the customer in full up front. Hardly and traffic going in or out of Brooklyn. His tire shop was right off an exit and there was a relatively wide street to unload on



I even managed to pickup an Audi A8 at the Newark NJ airport for the ride home. A friend and local tower to us saw on our shop Facebook page that we were going to Brooklyn. He called me and told me he had the Audi scheduled to pickup the following morning. We were able to grab it and save him the trip. And the bonus is we split the price he had quoted on the job so we both made $$$. Total round trip time for me was 8 hours. That included stopping for a quick dinner on the NJ turnpike and dropping of the Audi to a repair shop.


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I used to like driving into the city...... hope the trip was good.

I can’t think of much worse than having to drive in the city. I dunno how the guys in Brooklyn do it all day. But we charged accordingly and the customer was willing to pay for me to go.... so it all worked out in the end.

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They know in BK how to charge I am guessing. I learned swinging a 53' trailer with my class A on the streets of the 5 boroughs so it holds a small (very small) piece of my fondness. Would I do it daily to go NJ to the City? MAYBEEEEE If I'm paid enough I'd do it.

Very good you found a backhaul that makes it just that more efficient.

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