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What are you doing to take better care of yourself?

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As the title states, the question is about you and your health. I am asking for some input as to what you are doing, personally, to improve your health? I had surgery over the summer, and have started to eat better. It was pretty major surgery, but I am rebounding very well due to diet, sleep, and exercise. I have lost close to thirty pounds, feel better, and it has improved my mental state of health slightly. We are not getting any younger, and I really think that the years in this industry should be factored into one's age similar to dog years. So, I wanted to start the discussion on how we can do a better job of caring for our health. And I want to try to motivate as many as I can to take some positive steps towards better health. You might go for a walk, eat a salad rather tan a belly buster burger, fries, and a coke, you might try to stop smoking, you may smoke less, (A one time 18 years ago, I was smoking 2 packs a day, and quit cold turkey), drink more water, make an effort to get more sleep? What can you do to help yourself improve your health?


Some of you youngsters may think this is BS but when you hit the big 50 be advised, life is going to kick you in the ass and reality will set in. All those hours of missed sleep, meals of processed foods, and hours of missed exercise are adding up on you all, and one day, in the not so distant future, the reality demons will want to cash in.


For those of you who are readers, I HIGHLY recommend the book "Death by Supermarket"  by Nancy Deville.


This is very important, this industry can not survive without healthy talent. And that talent is YOU.


If I help just one person, I have done my part.


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