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Tow Companies in the path of Hurricane Florence SC, NC, VA, GA ???


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Those in the effected are already know this is a devastating event.


Are you getting out of the path?

Are you getting your equipment out of the path?

Are you telling your employees to load up and move West - Southwest?


I would not be riding this one out and hoping for the best. I would be making a plan too move to a safe area so that the equipment and personnel can get back into the area once the all clear has been issued. You will need every piece of your equipment.


Myself, I would not be anywhere near the area and since there isn't anything I could do. I would board up, tie down and head for Tennessee for the events taking place this weekend. Make the best of it cause there will be long days ahead and we all need pray this storm digresses intensity before landfall. I have with Flooding from buckets of rain. Should this one stall as predicted. Those buckets will be the size of silos. God Bless All... Keep us advised of your status, if you can share your plans they may give another tower in the area a direction to follow.


Also, looking ahead to West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania even New York up to Mass. As this could effect those areas as it likely will make it's way back to the Atlantic...


North Carolina:

Honeycutt Candler, NC.
Hattons Towing Canton, NC
Reece Truck and Auto Services Waynesville, NC

Doyle's Waynesville, NC
Alert Towing Clyde, NC

Ultimate towing and recovery, Statesville & Mt Airy

East Coast Auto Transport and Hauling, LLC out of Monroe, NC

Ultimate towing an recovery Mt airy NC

M.A.S. Towing Cary, NC
Imperial Towing Cary, NC

Cary Towing Cary, NC
Colt-Land Towing Cary, NC
Al’s Towing Cary, NC
Peak Towing Apex NC

OTW Transportation Clayton NC

Roberson Brothers williamston nc

Ray Harris Towing. Greensboro NC

Grays Towing Havelock NC


Pounds Towing - Coats, NC

B&B Towing Outer banks , nc

Garrett’s Towing and Recovery out of Thomasville, NC

A-1 Automotive & Wrecker Service in Washington, nc

Sure Shot Towing & Asset Recovery located in:
Mocksville, NC
- Roanoke, VA - Fayetteville, NC

A&M Towing and Recovery Raeford NC

Dave's Automotive Red Springs NC

Southern Star in Charlotte NC.

Hunters Charlotte nc

Archer's Davidson n.c.

Doss Towing and Recovery, Winston-Salem & King NC

Roadmasters Towing & Recovery, Hampstead, NC.



South Carolina:

Coastline & affordable towing little river sc



Walker Towing Savannah Ga





Clore Automotive Gordonsville Va.

Gurganus Automotive Services Hampton va

Tidewater Express inc. Hampton va

Metro Towing Norfolk va and Virginia Beach va

J&R Towing Williamsburg VA

Eagle towing. Fredericksburg,va

Elite towing Virginia Beach Virginia

Hudson's towing and recovery Chesapeake va

Jerry’s towing & Mcdaniels Services - King George, Va

Eagle Towing & Recovery - Spotsylvania, Va

Cobbs Creek Body Works....Cobbs Creek Va.


Florence has turned south at this point.

Less Effected as of now.



Allways Towin out of Glen Burnie MD

Bowman's Auto Service Havre de grace md

Quick Response Towing Baltimore MD

Southern Marylnd Towing in southern, md

Hero's Towing in edgewood md

Baywolf Recovery Salisbury md


West Virginia:

Stephen's towing out of falling waters wv

Smiths towing lewisburg Wv.


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From Jeff Corbett, President of the Towing & Recovery Association of South Carolina.


As the potential dangerous weather conditions approach us in South Carolina, Aiken and Augusta may not be directly affected by the weather but will be affected by incoming evacuees.
We will be working with state and government agencies, along with other towing companies, roadside assistance and disaster relief agencies to provide the safest and quickest response available to service our community and incoming evacuees.

There are some things we can do in our area to assist the motoring public that will be traveling to our areas for safety as well as some suggestions for the evacuees traveling to this area for safety.

~Limit unnecessary travel to prevent breakdowns (our areas will be heavily trafficked to due to extra motorists coming into the area)
~Avoid flooded roadways and standing water
~Be aware of disabled motorists
~Always notify family, friends of your traveling plans with route information, planning and expected time of arrival
~Pack water, snacks, supply’s, and a first aid kit in your vehicle in case of emergencies.
~Keep your cell phones charged
~Abide by the speed limit or less
~Be aware of evacuation routes for incoming evacuees and avoid these routes as much as possible
~Notify emergency personnel of accidents, disabled motorists, and restricted roadways you can do so by dialing *hp from your mobile device
~Remember that ETA’s (estimated time of arrival) for first responders INCLUDING towing companies may differ and be longer due to more traffic flow and arising circumstances. ~Be patient and remain calm, all customers are important to our company!
~Be cautious when when traveling or passing by emergency personnel, first responders, DOT employees, tow truck operators, utility linemen, news media (trying to keep the community updated) and other stranded motorist
***ALWAYS SLOW DOWN MOVE OVER AND BE AWARE!! They have families that need them too and our employees are our family too!

Our staff of towing operators, hazmat personnel and dispatchers will be working 24/7, around the clock, to prepare and assist the community and evacuees.
If you are traveling to the area and experienced vehicle issues we will be glad to assist you in our Vehicle Service/Repair Department or if you find yourself needing roadside assistance, or towing please call 803-649-0228 or 706-736-4600.

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The incoming storm from the Atlantic is major headline news in the UK and Europe and is looking bad for you guys in its path...


y'all avoid taking unnecessary risks and be safe out there.



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Taking WV, MD, PA off the list. Forecast now show the storm weakening as rain continues inland towards the west.


UPDATE: Florence now appears to be turning South. This one may be a mystery, but the 9 to 13 foot storm surge will not be unexpected.


GET OUT of the WAY... DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE... Many will and I fear there will be many who do not survive. 1000's will attempt to run only to be flooded out in their vehicles, why risk it. Those in the area may have been given up to an extra 24 hours as the storm slows it's track. The surge is still coming... Are you moving

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PLEASE, move your families and pets to a safe location, and move your equipment to a safe secure location and wait it out. Have everyone go somewhere for a few days of rest. Do not let the fact that others are in trouble because they failed to heed warnings be the cause of you being in trouble and putting your staff's lives and your equipment at risk.

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God Bless the towers working in the eye of the storm. There will be water and rain from all directions; please be safe to include lightening, downed power wires and trees that drop unexpectedly. Be safe. You're all heros .. but you already know that.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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Following the storm now that the day is partially done. Be safe to all who go down and best of luck for everyone that are down there now.

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