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Back To Nearly The Same Spot!

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Received a call from the owners of a very large cranberry bog in Carver to respond to the same area we were last week for another truck mishap close to the same spot as the last one.


They stated that it was a 100yd walking floor trailer loaded with compost weighing in at around 97,000 lbs. The trailer was down into the cranberry bog leaning very hard. They also stated that they felt that the trailer was about ready to go over and there was some concerns about oil that would get into the bog and ruin it. Knowing the weight we had to deal with, we sent 2 rotators, the NRC and the Century. We sent Adam and Eric out there to handle the job.


Eric had to rig the trailer real fast where as we felt it was going to go over at any minute. Quite often people call and say "my trailers about to go over", but when we arrive on scene, doing this as many times in the past, we realize that it wasn't as bad as they describe it, this particular trailer was absolutely ready to go over at any given time. The wheels of the tractor were off the ground, front and rear, the rear tandems on the left side of the trailer were burried into the cranberry bog. Eric and Adam rigged it, lifted the weight with the 60 ton Centruy and used the NRC to hold the trailer from rolling, and also provided pull while stabilizing the tt-unit an lowering it back on to the dike. After the recovery, the trailer was emptied and then the entire unit was towed back to our Freetown location.
























kw5030 said:
Nicely done guys. Just a question though..On most of your jobs when they look drivable, like this one, why do you always take them back to the yard? Most of my jobs, they pay the bill and go. Or i tow them to a repair shop. Was there something wrong with this one? I know trucking co. dont want to pay extra for storage and 2nd tows. They want there truck back on the road ASAP!!
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
This is a recovery job, not a tow job. Whenever we work our rotators, they all go out on a 4 hour minimum. We know that most people dont carry that kind of cash on them and the only way we release a vehicle is with cash or certified funds. So all recovery-type vehicles are brought to the shop for the office to do proper billing. Most recovery jobs end up as insurance claims, the adjusters come to our shop, go over the vehicle, and we get paid in full from the insurance co.before the vehicle is released or towed to a salvage yard. One of the other factors is we felt that this truck was not safe to go down the road, and we didnt want the liability nor the responsibilty of the 5th wheel jaws breaking away because they had a lot of strain from the twisting put on them, If the trailed broke away somebody would be suing us because we released the vehicle, so the next day the owners of the T T came to the shop, paid us with a bank check, brought in another tractor to haul the trailer to there shop to check it out for any 5th wheel damage or broken crossmembers. When you recover a vehicle you have a automatic mechanic's lean an you don't have to release the unit until your paid,
we have established rates per hour for each peice of equipment,we don't deviate from those rates an everyone pays the same,we take pictures of every recovery job ,an attach copies of the naritive plus a copy of the certified check, they are keep on file, this is important because if you ever have to take a insurance co. to court or someone else you can prove that your charges are consistance,we won every court case an only had to chace money a few times ,do your home work an don' t let any insurance company intimadate you,just make sure again your consistant. Also get paid before you release any vehicle,you weaken you lose. thanks again BOB
TOwBoY88 tubegreen.gif said:
Is it getting by with it ro just truely charging for the specialized services one provides...?
I always said this and Eric told me it too; I can never tell you when my next call is coming, but I can always tells you when my next payment is due. Too many tow companies like being the "nice" guy who charges the insurance co. $45 and that is why they never will have any $$$
Ed Barker said:
Is that 4 hours per truck minimum ????or is it 2 hours per truck minimum times your two rotators???????You ask "Whats it worth?????",,,,I get a two hour minimum on our rotator at $500 an hour,,,they say you aten't supposed to discuss pricing but I truly will never understand the reason behind that,,,,especially on a TOW forum ,,,,we are here to help educate each other about this industry and pricing is of a major importance.As far as our pricing we just figured what we thought it took to be profitable ,,yet reasonable. Thanks,Ed
Da Wash Boss said:

One of the other factors is we felt that this truck was not safe to go down the road, and we didnt want the liability nor the responsibilty of the 5th wheel jaws breaking away because they had a lot of strain from the twisting put on them,

Bob, one i want to say you guys do outstanding work one of the best. I was just curious if you were concerned about the jaws on the 5th wheel then why not dispatch one of your tractors to pull the trailer back to your shop?

In your other post I read how you use same pricing for everyone and keep everything on file and ready. That is the best way I like your system. Its a tough business to begin with and going to court is no fun.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"


Towaholic tubegreen.gif said:

"What its worth" was the statement this to me says there bases are covered and thats what they get paid period.for any body to call this job just a winch out is ridiculous. and maybe thats why they under value there services. i see tons of repeat customers not just police work. but nevertheless i belive they are a specialized recovery team. and they build on that with addition of recovery equipment. maybe they dont want every tow job. thats there choice. trying to teach us something? I think so.........
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Thank you towaholic lamb as far as you saying you have a 2 hour min thats great but we dont opperate on 2 hour min are all our jobs are usually recovery jobs . and i dont use 3 rotaters for just winch outs i think we do a very good job at what we do and i never said i knew it all but i can tell you we have done our share of jobs and i,m not in any way showing off im just posting and hoping to learn somthing in return i sorry you feel the way you do but what can we say you are intitled to your opion . but it looks like you are the reason that alot of good companys don,t post here anymore people told me you wont post for long on that web site because people will nock your jobs . but i told them you can nock us all you want ,. THANKS ERIC .
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Well Lambs towing I think we hit a nerve,if I upset you I'm very sorry, I'm not that smart an I've made lots of mistakes in my life. But we keep trying.
Every night I watch Fox news, O'REAiLY factor and I realize that there are a lot of people in this world that don't like another person or groups because of how they think or worship. So I respect your opinion but I'll do my best to answer some of your questions. I know you felt that this was a 2 hr job, but you might not of taken in consideration we had almost 1 hr. each way travel time.
I do hope you charge from the time the call comes in till your back at the shop ,If I may I would like to address your winch out comment, if you attempted to winch that truck out then you would defiantly would have a recovery job because 97000 lbs would be on it's side ,an a major environmental clean up that you would have been responsible for the cost plus the damage to the tractor an trailer where as it had no damage until you tried to winch it. So bottom line doing the job your way with out being there an seeing the job could have cost you the Farm,thank GOD we got the call.
As far as moving the unit together we locked the trailer brakes an worked the truck back an forth seamed good so we took the back roads to the shop nice an easy,the other reason for the concerns about the jaws is the company was heading to there shop in Maine 200 highway miles away,not a shot run through the woods, An I guess you have a problem with our rates, that's OK but every member of our recovery team is wreckmaster 6/7 an even worst than that they have me training them ,I watch them like a hawk by watching my post you should see we try to pay attention ,bottom line my crew consist of highly trained specialist receiving top pays plus a full benefits package including profit sharing.just about no one ever leaves, we have some employees with us 25years .When we tow we charge for a tow probably the same as you but when a specialize job comes about we charge for specialized people an equipment,just like the walkin but you need a surgeon different rate? sure.As far as you saying that we haven't posted a job that required more than one wrecker than you are definitely a better recovery person that I am.I also don't post all our regular tows we all got the car an small truck thing down pat I hope ,so no need to bore the viewers,as most of the tow411 family knows that we try to answer all the questions asked I hope than I answered some of yours ,please next time your having a bad day an you need to vent click on someone elses site,or just call my cell it's on all the time,now can't we all be friends thanks BOB
ED our rate is for 4 hrs min each peice on every recovery job.Rotaters are very expensive as you know ,if you work for less in my opion your not covering your expences.The rate must be ok because the customers don't complain an the insurance pays us right away. thanks again BOB
LAMB Towing said:
Bob & Eric- Sorry for blindsiding you in a public forum. It is unprofessional of me to attack someone when they aren't right on the spot to defend themselves.
I read and enjoy all of your posts. I see things in your posts from time to time that I feel compelled to comment on, both good and bad. I usually try to back off on the negative stuff because it's not my intention to be the tow411 Troll that never has anything positive to say about you and your guys. If you'll look back through some of your other posts, I've been just as quick to praise you and your guys. The only reason this particular job struck a nerve is because I've done three identical jobs in the last two days. I got what I felt was a fair price on all three, and all three of them were billed out at 2 hours each. This would've never come up if I hadn't been talking to another fellow member of this site from Alabama the other day about HD rates, and he used you as an example of what "could be".
I can't say that you're wrong for charging that much, but we can't get by with it here. It would be great for us for a while, but word travels fast. I'm 29 years old, I've got 10 years in the business behind me and many, many more ahead of me. I look at my business as more of a Marathon than a Sprint. You've been going 25 years strong, so you're doing something right.
I'm coming to Boston next month, I'll try to stop by and chat in person if you promise not to shoot me! Again, sorry for the blind attack.
Towaholic tubegreen.gif said:
I am glad this didn't get out of hand, that's a definition of professionalism in itself. LAMB I like your comment of what "could be" sometimes we don't see the whole picture we only see the job. knowing how there employees are taking care of says so much more of this company to me. and one more reason to charge what its worth.
LAMB I am 27 with 12 years in the industry the last 5 have been as a owner. I started with one truck and now we have 7. what i have realized in the last 5 years is how dedicated we as tow truck guys are. I think that's were a lot of the fierce competition comes from We Love the job so much we do what ever to be out there doing it and not always watching the bottom line. sounds like we are a little in the same boat when it comes to areas not supporting really profitable rates. you cant do it over night or by yourself but if we all work together we "could be" someday.
Joeniel said:
This is really what Tow411 is all about... some may take shots at someone else once in a while, but in the end all turns out well and shows the professionalism of all the different companies in the industry.. we all come out of it, even the ones like myself who just read over the post, with valuable information that we can all learn from. Everyone is entitled to their own word and their own opinion, just as long as it doesn't get out of hand and turn in to real hatred. We all have our own ideas about the way things should work, and that is good... we all just have to be willing to accept others ideas too...

Nice job Big Wheel! That spot is a good one eh?
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Billy thanks for reconsidering ,did you blind side us ? oh yah.I remember when we started out new in this business we were like most running around for chicken feed saying today's a good day did 15 tows, only thing working cheap we lost 15 bucks per tow common in this industry, an the worst thing is a lot of tow operators can't see it, step out of the box for a second , work the numbers,don't have to tell me how much you disagree with how we do this just be glade that someone is trying to make a stand for all of us. When we worked for nothing we had more trouble getting paid we just decided to run it at a real professional level,starting off with getting professional training for every crew member,certification,hydrophilic licenses for loader an equipment operators,this will help cover you if you run into some litigation,an most of all make the investment into good modern equipment,
If you don't know what a job is really worth don't ask someone to think like you just maybe they did the homework I look at a lot of tow truck drivers that show up here to retrieve tows from the day before ,my god no shirt stupid cigarette dangling from his lips,an he has his overhead lights going,give me a break when we wonder why we can't get paid what we really should,Most of the tow company's hire people with out doing background checks, this guy could be a level 3 sex offender but he's hired because he can drive a truck,how would you like this bum showing up giving your wife an daughter atow home, then leave with your keys to drop your car at the shop,think, he knows where you live, your house keys probably still on the key chain, think he'll pass a hardware store or will he stop in an get some keys, A lot of us are still living in the past when gas was 30 cents a gal.well this is the new world it's 3 bucks plus an your still at 1965 prices,an yes the customer will pay for professional service good people an good equipment command proper rates,you go to your doctor he does a little operation bag, 30gran insurance covers it,whats he got a stupid thing he looks in your ear,or another dumb looking thing that he hits your knee with,we show up with a 500,000 dollar wrecker an 20 to 30years of training an your worried about charging what it's really worth.crap,don't prostitute your bussines,this country is built on equal rights stand your ground the insurance co.knows what they pay the big dogs an what that proper equipment an properly trained personal accually saved them,look at it that way.O well just a little different view point it just agravates me to see how many people like working in one of the most dangerest occupation around an flont it that that they work for crap, an knock some others that invested in the right tools an the right personal .again just my veiw point. Think, also a lot of you I'm sure won;t agree, others might say maybe he's got something there,it's ok to voice your objections to me ,it doesn't bother us at all an I will look at your opinions seriously. sorry for the long story be proud of who you are an the company that employs you ,your work day will definitely improve BOB
Ed Barker said:
I feel we all have to know what we must charge and if you can get your price then my hats off to you,,,, but it does make a big difference I believe in what part of the country you live in,,,, we do a lot of the same type of jobs that you showed in this post around our area,,,, but on pricing a job like this it will usually run between $800 and $1200 to lift a unit back up and out like this one,,,, probably not enough for the job but sometimes they pay right up and thank you while some companies will just climb the wall over a $1200 invoice in this area,,,, maybe its from cut throat companies that charge a really low rate?????
I'm not sure but like I say around here it just wouldn't hold water at $5,000 to $6,000 on a job like this,,, I mean no offense of any kind,,, just telling you that we can't make it work around here with a 4 hour minimum like yours,,,, although I wish it did work like that here!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Take care,Ed wink.gif
You fellers got a very nice operation and I know you do a fine job,,,but any suggestions on how we could sweeten our local areas with heavier rates like yours?????,,also what is your honest opinion on why our rates in this state compared to your rates in your state are so much different?????,,,, I am all EARS Thanks,Ed
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
ED sorry it's your turn,I personally look forward to all your post, you absolutly do a great job,but if you think I can't, then you can't it all has to do with thinking possitive .A key part of this industry is to become a good sales man,you have to learn how to sell, your self,your training ,an your proper equipment,people are not stupid they know you have built your bus. a little higher than the average tow co.I look at all the wrecks you do, man if I lived in your area I'd have a ton more hotrods.That being said ,look at it this way you work 24hrs7days a week 365 a year,always out there when the weather is the worst,fling to a call at 2am then 3.15 after working 19hrs strait, an back in the shop at 6.30 for another19hrs.I think the hours make us all guffey, we buy ramp trucks for 85gran no one in there right would do this,you charge 35 for a local car tow an the people call you a bandit they;ll go to the Ford garage to change there air cleaner an pay 1 hr. min at 90 dollars an 18 bucks for the element an not complain,you stick a man in a 85,000 dollar truck,drive 17 miles round trip burn fuel an your a crook. O well lets all revaluate what were worth. thanks BOB
wessex1 said:
Bob, If it's of any significance we also charge our rotator out for 4 hours minimum charge as do most other company's over here in the UK.
Keep up the good work, Paul
LAMB Towing said:
Our main obstacle in Oklahoma is the Department of Public Safety. They rule us with an iron fist. They were "gracious" enough to give us a raise on our non-consent (law enforcement) tows a few years back. Our heavy duty rates, which are published by the state and open to public view, were bumped up from $140.18/hr. to $180.00/hr. I feel that I am worth a little more than that, and all of my regular customers pay me another $95/hour. Most towers here, including some of our state association officers, feel that $125/hr. is sufficient to run their business and that's what they work for every day. This is mostly because of a very popular heavy duty tower, known and revered by people all over, who was active in our state and national associations. He created some of our biggest hurdles. He would advocate training and pay increases, then come to my town and many other towns and tow for peanuts with his add-on and homemade equipment. Nobody on an official level has ever sat down with us and tried to figure out what it costs us to operate, and that no two businesses are the same. They have just always gone by what this man thought was a fair price, and that's what we're stuck with. Our state association is finally becoming pretty strong here, so I see bright things in our future. But I have pushed for a rate increase on our heavies for the last two years, just to have it fall on deaf ears. Light-duty issues take precedent at legislation time (vehicle dumping the last two years, but still no success there). We've currently got four rotators in the entire state of Oklahoma. Two of them are actively pursuing crane work in the oilfield (one of those two uses theirs as their primary tow unit), one is actually used for recovery by a very large company in Tulsa, and I don't know much about the fourth but I hear that they just recently hired a very capable operator and things were looking up for them. The heavy-duty market is a funny thing here. Almost everyone in the towing business also has, at very least, a 750 Holmes to get them on the heavy-duty log. They can't work a wreck without outside help, but by golly they got a wrecker license and a spot on the log. They are allowed by law to charge the same rates for a $3,000 mechanical wrecker as we charge for new $200,000 to $500,000 hydraulic wreckers. As far as making money, they have the upper hand because if they take three times as long to clear a wreck, they make three times as much money. The truck dealerships each have deals worked out with an exclusive tower. This exclusive tower is dispatched anywhere and everywhere to do their tows. The exclusive tower gets his normal fee for towing on all first tows, regardless of their location. Then, this exclusive tower agrees to pick up all tow-backs for FREE! What good is that if every third or fourth tow is a freebie? Now you see why it is impossible for me to comprehend four digits times four hours.
Last edited by LAMB Towing on 02 Jun 2007 18:46, edited 1 time in total.
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Well Billy, thanks for the very nice detail reply but No ,is not in my vocabulary,if I'm told that I can;t do something you better have a good safty reason,or were going to give it hell, First of all this is the United States of America we have a constitution, an we have guaranteed freedoms,under the constitution, no government or law enforcement official can tell you what to charge for your services,if it's owner request.That's a legal business deal between to company's.no place for Government involvement here.That's business interference you can sue for that,An I'd take them all to court don't wary about the cost they have a rope around your neck now how much has that cost ,end it ,you have to make a stand our you'll be dealing with this the rest of your years an your kids in the business will also,so hire a good constitution lawyer an depose them all, an bring everyone into court ,an let them tell a Federal Court that you can't charge your rate to your customer. In Massachusetts heavy duty recovery's are not regulated only regulation are police order tows on cars an trucks an if the vehicle has com. plates an is off the road then the tow companys recovery rate kicks in .I can explain what rights you have but not on this forum, call me when you get a chance, BOB
Wrecker Mikey said:
Big Wheels, You guys got one hell of a first class operation keep up the good work and keep the great pictures coming
KySteve1 said:
I don't know why an operator would get on top of and under the low side of a trailer that heavy when it may or may not roll. Seems very dangerous. I do think it was a one truck job, when you have great trucks like that. Why not move to the outer edges of the trailer and set it over.
I think the rate you used is right in line but I don't think the tow was needed. Once you have unhooked and gotten paid you are not responsible for that vehicle UNLESS they also paid you to check it out. I think you did a really good job but I also think it could have been less work and a bit safer. I am not knocking you I just want to state an opinion. Please don't be offended.
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Kysteve yes that's a knock, but it's ok, I don't think you actually believe the driver had that cash on her, an the customer was from Maine so your telling me that I should send them the bill?
How long have you been in business not counting next week.The driver after she ditched the truck ran from the seen across the bog trail an into the woods an didn't return until we were hooking the wrecker to the unit,crying like a baby an said she wanted the truck that the boss would pay us, that's a bunch of bull #####. If your naive an you let recovery's leave with out cash or certified finds sell your stuff now! before the bank does it for you,there seems to be trusting mind set in this industry that your going to get paid from people you don't even know for jobs that are already completed,
 Thanks again BOB
LAMB Towing said:
Well, I'm sorry you guys took such a beating on this job. I think you did fine, just took me a little bit to see it. You take the abuse pretty well, though. Look on the bright side, you got one of them flashy little hot topic dealies next to the post!
KySteve1 said:
Well oK then. First my actual point wasn't getting paid even though it became the center of the conversation.
I looked up through the topic the only time I see you mentioned the driver running from the scene was now. This changes why you would tow it. BUT you said in the earlier part of this when you answered someone else s question was you towed it for safety and then mentioned you took them in to get paid. Now you said you hooked the first wrecker to it before you started climbing on it, I hope that you would know that if those lines hooked at the ICC bumper were enough to hold it upright then they would have been enough to go ahead and lift it out. That really made little sense. If those lines had come from outside the lower side of the trailer then it would have given stability. As they were they would not. I told you I wasn't knocking you, and I wasn't but I have been in this when 750s were still the top of the line so thank you but a lesson in economics is hardly needed. You finally addressed the point I was making in your second post. I think I have covered that too. As I said, I really didn't post this to step on your toes but if I did something that you believed was wrong I would want you to tell me. EVEN if I didn't like it all that much. You may save my life. I came back to this forum by request and was told people were open to learning. I can't help it if I truely believe this is a one truck job. AND one more time I DON'T INTEND TO OFFEND YOU. You wouldn't own trucks like those if you were an idiot so that in itself says you are experienced. Everyone needs HEALTY critizing. It is in the learning curve. I believe there is no one man who can out do me with a wrecker. I don't believe this because I am vain I believe it because I have proved it to myself by being damage free and alive. I choose to believe it to make it so. If I sound self centered and cocky, good. I want to be the best at everything I do. By believing it I can make it so.I hope this makes sense to you and helps you see past how my post sounds into HOW IT IS REALLY MEANT. It is meant to point out a POSSIBLE flaw in this job. KEYWORD BEING POSSIBLE. Do you know what I mean? I really am the guy who gives the shirt from their back, I swear. Ask anyone who knows me. Hope this finds you safe and prosperous.
Steve Strong, Suburban Towing, Louisville Ky
hpgtowing said:
In defence? I have myself done recoveries that could have been done with one truck.. But for the sake of a safety cushion? I used a second truck... With fully loaded trucks in dangerous situations? I'll use the second truck... I feel we have nothing to prove to anyone but to get the recovery done in a safe, damage free manor... We all get our recoveries when we wish we had a second truck and for what ever reason there isn't one. It's on those recoveries we will use all our skills to complete the job safely.... I would have used the second truck also.... There are plenty of times I have to work my equipment hard... But why should I if I really don't need to... Steve... Yes I agree it could have been done with one truck... And yes even with a 750... If it came down to it.... But then set up would take twice the time at the least and when all was said and done? The cost difference would be small if not the same.... I to will not release a unit with out payment. However? I will except payment on scene via Com Check, T-Check, or Most authorizable fuel type check..( I have NEVER had one of these go bad) Credit Card, Cash or by Verified billing to another Towing Agency I am familiar with. And only after we have spoken with that Towing Company and verified the charge. This is just my thoughts on the matter... Thanks for listening... I think everyone has brought up some good points here on this post.... Just my thoughts.... Stay well all and be safe.... Steve
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Well Steve, I really appreciate your comments,an objections don't bother me maybe Eric ,but I actually enjoy them,the good thing it gets everybody thinking running cenarioes though there minds, what if it was my call how could I do it with my 750? The answer is call a friend with a tater, by swalling your pride realizing your dealing with 97000lbs thats sinking by the minute an the weight will definately drag you into the bog if it flips, what a great post that would be,I think it would go something like this, should have lissened to BOB , if your hooked to it an if the insurance com. determines that your actions were a determining factor in the pollution of the cranberry bog as well as the destruction of the tractor an trailer I hope you have a multimillion dollar policy or we'll sure miss you on tow411.I read a lot of post an for the likes of me I really can't understand why tower are so nieve an proud that they work for nothing.The nieve part is Towers don't understand there exposure The way the law works is the last guy to touch it, owns it,an a entry level lawyer for the plaintiff could easily win this one.Also make sure you homestead your house if your going to use 1 heavy on a 2 or 3 heavy job.All I'm pointing out is why in gods creation would you blow your lifes assets an reputation because you want to prove that your to cheapest,tow in town, OK you win, I give up,I don't know squart,but I will be at the auction.O well so much for fun ,now the real meat of it , first there is a huge frame behind the icc that is welded the entire length,the chain goes up an around the top beam then down, an is hooked in front,I know you can't see that because your not on seen BUT if you were there more than likely would have done it the same way,We seem to have a problem with people thinking that getting paid is something to be ashame of, chasing after money is fun or just part of being in business ,thats nuts don't trust anyone to pay your bill after the stranger is gone ,nice guys lose in business an companys that seem to be doing good must be screwing the public in someway,my old jewish friend also told me that if you want to learn about something, watch the people that are doing it suscessfully,don't waste prescious time watching the ones that arn;t because if they know, they would be doing it to.O well this is getting dragged out some,but lets keep thinking,It's good for the entire industry, an again a person with as much personal pride as you, has all my respect an admiration. thanks again for your comments an contribution, BOB PS no hard feeling,these mind battles are good for all of us.
hpgtowing said:
Bob... I am confused? I am in agreement with you. I agree with the use of two trucks... And as I stated? I would have also used 2 trucks... I don't know what objections have upset Eric?... anyhow.. Don't worry... I have no pride needing to be swallowed... Highpoint would have recovered it just fine... And without a Tator... And if it didn't drag your truck back into the bog? It definately isn't gonna drag mine back! I carry over 7 million combined Insurance coverage on my equipment... Could the job have been done with one tator? With the impressive iron you own? I'm sure you could have done it... Would I have? No I already stated I wouldn't. Not unless I had to. Then in that case I would have. Could the job have been done with 750's? Of course it could have.. We done it for 45 years before there were tators... And if we had to? We could do it again.. But I don't have to... I no longer own a 750 anymore .... But I am also sorry I don't.. And will soon buy another to have if I feel like playing with one.... I also don't work for free... Never did? Never will!... Just ask my competition that are always under cutting my prices.... I say let them have it...I own my property, My trucks and everything else... Before I work for nothing... I'll leave the trucks parked.... The only thing I said is that I would release the unit at he scene if I were paid at the scene.... Otherwise? No payment? No truck!... I expressed my methods of payment I would except.. If they were not met? You could rest assure that unit would be in my facility locked up till payment is received... Thanks.... I hope this clears things up Bob.... It sounded like you were upset with my post? Thanks... Stay well... Steve
KySteve1 said:
Steve I think he was talking to me.(KySteve) How confusing. I still do not know where price came into play because I agree with making money. I also agree with comments in Steve's post. I just think one truck was enough to safely do the job. And of course I know what is behind the ICC bumper. BUT looking at your pictures there was something else there, THE DANGEROUS CENTER OF THE LOAD. But you are right we have drug this out long enough. I am trying to scan some of my pictures so I can post them and have you guys critique me. I love it. It was a good safe recovery and in the end that is all that matters. If we had all the recovery money made at our break room tables we could all retire, right?
Steve Strong, Suburban Towing, Louisville Ky
hpgtowing said:
Yes we could all retire.. And in Luxury... Thanks.. Steve... Stay well...
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Well we hit another nerve! First I must apologize to Steve at highpoint, man you got a little cranked. I was addressing KYSTEVE an looking back I did put Steve for this I'm sorry, but lifes a continuous learning experience an I just learned that I don't want to be on your bad side, Woh! We have the utmost respect for you an your company,anyway I hope thats cleared up ,my fault. Now see if I can make my reasoning or explain to Kysteve what our thoughts on this job were?The more I look at your answer I don't think that I can explain it any better than I did maybe were just two very different people with different ways of doing things, but thats what makes the world go round,I've been towing for thirty years an I would not have showed up with a 750 alone on that call,an if I only had the one heavy I certainly would have called in another HD company to help,even if it was someone that we weren't the best of friends ,I don't care ,besides we'd be friends after this job,he'd might even call me in on a big one someday also,these jobs are great to get the lines of communication open. anyway signing off your thick friend, BOB
hpgtowing said:
No harm done Bob.... Likewise... I also look up to you guys... I see what you guys have done... Thanks Bob... Stay well and be safe.... Steve
AZTOW said:
This thread is exactly why Tow411 exists: Education and sharing of information for all. What works for one area obviously won't/doesn't work in others. here in Arizona and the Phoenix area specifically I believe it has to be one of the worst areas to make a living in the Industry. $82.00 and 2% per shift wages and average quoted $500.00 weekly income for Drivers is the norm.

Certain Law enforcement Bids are awarded for Free towing and Free storage and then the Customers scream with backoaded $250.00 administrative/Lot Fees. District Attorney investigates along with Police depts and those without the Contracts plead and whine when they're not awarded the Bids. I would love to hear of similar fees existing in other areas of the country.

I have always been of the Opinion that with a given situation 5 knowledgeable operator can and do approach a recovery and perform it differently and as long as it was done safely, that's fine.

After being on this Forum for well over a year I've formed many opinions but remember what works for some may not necessarily work for others. In my Opinion Big Wheel, Highpoint and Kauff's along with Mr Barker seem to have very classy/professional operations. (among others) Working here in Arizona we obviously don't have to deal with the extreme weather and road conditions that deteriorate equip as other areas deal with. As I sat in my truck today my Thermometer was reading 135 Temp. Try pulling a driveline in this weather. Rant Off.
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
Aztow I don't know by your post if your a company owner or an operator, if your an owner you might have to see where the Statewide towing associtation is at on these regarlations .As an organition they need to put there support behind the polititions that are receptive to your plight,an start showing up at political funtions at realection time,give out your cards an document promises,secondly those were police order tows you mentioned, but owner request an recoverys should not be regulated,just a thought BOB
MTA415 said:
I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring. Big Wheel in MY opinion I think you made the right decision. Why risk it with one truck if you don't have to. At that angle and that gross amount of weight and the lingering enviromental issue you are facing if something goes wrong? you done the right thing. In the past have I done stuff with a 1050 and/or a 9055 (I'm sure all you guys have too) that was a massive undertaking and got away with it? Yes. Would it have been easier and safer with 2 units, hell yes! At this stage in my career would I do it again, no way! Taking risks and the "I think I can's" or "watch me wow'em with this one!" normally take money from you, not give it to you when something unintentionally goes wrong. If you got away with one, good for you but don't expect to get away with it all of the time. At only 17 some years in HD you guys got me beat by a good stroke but I ain't a dummy either ? And on pricing, every states regulations are different so far as what constitutes a private or "owners request" versus a munincipal or police tow. There are some places that don't allow owners request at all and I know this because I live in such a city/county. Do the recovery your way, whether its one tator, 2 9055's, 3 25 ton units, calling a friend with a big stick or whatever. If it goes well, good for you. If it goes to hell in a handbasket, well, you are in deep doo-doo. Take responsibility either way but I personally would feel like a dunderhead if it went to hell and it did'nt have to. Our job is not directly to save people money even though in a roundabout way we do because if done properly it saves them downtime and secondary damages and repair cost. Our job is to make money. Yeah we've all heard the "I'm in it for the thrill, yada yada" which is true to a point but getting a thrill and not getting paid? Screw that!!
Big sticks keep on swingin' and little sticks pay attention to the big sticks that are doing it the RIGHT way and follow their lead and add YOUR personal touch to it, just for flavor...

In the words of Dennis Miller, "Of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong..."
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