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repsonder safety ~Old Post from 2004~


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Topic Originally Created By Scott in December pf 2004:


I attended a safety seminar hosted by the state police and provided to the the local police and fire departments.


They decided to invite the local towers on rotation since we all work together on the side of the road at various scenes. Out of all the companies they invited ours was the only one that had any drivers attend and we are still working on getting the rest of the employees in that haven't made it yet. They passed out some interesting information and pointed out a lot of good safety factors and we talked a lot about helping each other out.


I just though I would post one of the web sites that a majority of the information came from so everyone here could check it out. respondersafety

They also got into different levels of emergency lighting and traffic control using cones to warn others of the work area. It was very interesting to sum it all up. I think everyone that attended learned stuff they never knew about. If anyone would like any more information the man that hosted the seminar may be contacted at mark-karczewski@isp.state.il.us. He is a master segrant and 13 year veteran of the state police and a specialist in traffic incident managment programs.


Dependable Towing and Recovery said:

Nice post and think you for the info Scott. I have seen that site before, but it is always nice to be reminded. Just out of curiosity, did the master sergeant metion if those seminars are only being offered in the chicago area or if they would be statewide?

maresco motors said:

Thanks for the info Scott.


North County said:

Thank You for the info, I'm trying to collect as many statistical numbers and report figures I can. I want to gain a real grip on the actual number of accidents/near-misses/deaths we encounter as roadside responders.

O' Please keep them comming
Karen from Cali.

North County Recovery & Towing Inc.
also dba Auto Sport Towing
1210 Fair Ave Santa Cruz, CA. 95060


Towtrk1 said:

I'm interested to know if these types of seminars are available nationwide...
CT needs some...

Information is a powerful tool...even more powerful than money in many cases!



ibflat2 said:

I do not know how many of you went to the website and ordered the video. But I did , just had it on the desk for long time and finally got to watch " Ten Cones of Highway Safety"
It is very eye opening. They bring out several great points in it.
Traffic safety is one where we are always needing to be better prepared. We do not need to keep up the current statistics of injured or killed towers..
Take the time to order the video disc... you will not be disappointed.




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If you can get away from your workplace and attend a FREE national TIMs course, not the on-line version at the live-course is far better. I highly recommend finding a course instructed by Grady Carrick, a retired career highway patrol from Florida. All towers who serving highway patrol should attend this course.   R.

Randall C. Resch

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