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Holmes Trailer

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Topic Originally Created by LPD167 in January of 2016:


Through Tow411, we made a friend, Alex Miller from British Columbia. Alex is quite the vintage Holmes collector, and has asked us on several occasions to secure some Holmes equipment that he has found in the states, and ship it to him in Canada.

Recently, Alex had us go to Long Island to pick up a Holmes trailer. Our boss, Ted Panek, remembered these units, but the rest of us had no clue about them.

Alex sent us the sales brochure, and I've posted the pictures for everyone to enjoy. Does anyone have one of the units?






Off to Canada with an 1100 unit attached. Alex found it in New Brunswick, NJ.




Keep saving this equipment Alex. We love to pick them up for you!!


nytowboss said:

wow i have been around a long time i remember when JERR DANN built trailers but i have until today never heard or saw a HOLMES trailer thanks for the info and great pics


allenstowing tubegreen.gif said:

Nice, I would love to have one of those. 


Kevin Moore tubegreen.gif said:

That is GREAT Thank you for the pictures.


MNPOOL tubebronze.gif said:

First time to ever hear or see a trailer !

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