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Loaded Tri-Axle Roll Over.

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Received a call from Pavao Const. to respond to Somerset off of Rte. 103 for their Tri-axle dump with a load of loam that rolled over behind a customers swimming pool. The truck was leaking oil & hydraulic fluid. Our first truck that arrived discovered that the cradle that holds the base of the 40 ton dump piston broke and the piston was sent straight down between the frame & driveshafts. The body was off the chasis in the front section and partially raised. Our crew chief on scene requested 60 ton rotator to lift the truck and our NRC to lift the dump body up and roll the two units together to prevent the very expensive 40 ton piston from getting bent or destroyed in the recovery process. This method also keeps the truck chasis straight and will help prevent an expensive repair. A Loader was used to dig out all the loam to reduce the recovery weight. After the truck was set on its wheels it was towed to our Freetown location.
















excessiveforce52 said:
cool!!! good to see that I am not the only one with that "strap" mentallity.....659.gif I also try to use older (safe, workable) straps on lite or tore up jobs and save my good ones for the heavy stuff...
BigWheelRecovery said:
the strap covers have been around the block a few times but the straps are fine. Any way dump trailers have a way of eating your nice strapes so on light pulls we break out the veterans an save the youngins for the tough jobs. the customer called for a couple of HD wreckers,not being there we go as requested.In this case we wanted to cradel the body where the front was broken away,an prevent the rear hinge from twisting, the way it went nice an secured in place during the lift the truck ended being fixed insteed of extra frame or dump body damage,a little overkill apperance but saved the down time. thanks again BOB
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