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Loaded Curtainsider Rollover  

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Topic Originally Created by Mcallisters in July of 2009:


We got this job on Friday, it was a loaded curtainsider rolled on a bit of dual carriageway that has no hard shoulder or verge. It was wedged between the barriers on both sides at the beginning of a slip road coming off the bypass.

We decided to use the cushions to bring her up loaded as it was fully frieghted with packs of paper. If we had gone for offloading / dumping the load on the deck we could have ended up with paper strewn across both carriageways on a busy Friday evening!!


We pulled the trailer round to allow a travel lane past the scene:




Here' some pretty cool shots from the local traffic radio station's "eye in the sky"




Claytons Towing Said:

Very impressive. To right a loaded curtainsider I would have thought was a impossible task, well done. You uniforms look good too. Cheers Mike


Ole8212 said:

WOW that's a very impressive job looks very professonal with the uniforms and hard hats are they catch bags on the left side of the truck if so how did that work out for you?

Albert Battelini
Battelini Transportation


Edstowing tubegreen.gif said:

That was a nice job. I probably wouldn't of tried it due to the curtain side but I'm glad you did! It is a show of confidence in your abilities. Thanks for posting.


Mcallisters said:

Thanks for all your positive replies - can't take credit on this one, i'm off work following a knee op so my bro and the old man ran this one.

Do you guys get many curtainsiders over in the states because i dont often see pictures on the site of them?


Hookmaster said:

We have curtain sides up here in nortern Ontario but the mostly haul steel coils and lumber . So they are usually a reall mess by the time they hit the ground


Jimmypinktruck said:

Nice looking job all around. I like how you guys moved the trailer so traffic could flow. Thanks for posting.


John L Hawkins said:

Hard to imagine that 21 years from my first trip to the UK where Frank McAllister pick myself and my lovely bride up at the Manchaster airport, that I am at the eve of packing my bags and heading for Dublin Ireland. All these years later, I still find myself awed by the pure professionalism that all of the towing professionals from all the UK countries represent. We here in the states are years behind, years. And we do not understand why. Just look at the uniforms and the pure presenses of these uniforms and how they state. " we are in control" and the "we know what we are doing" and if you do not believe what I am stating, merely read the comments posted so stating.. they only speak the truth. Last year Tom, Lee Roberts, and myself were honored to work with over three hundred of these fine gentlemen and ladies at Mallory Park. I stated to my partners that we are in the presense of the best and they will only expect us to act as such. This weekend I will find myself in that same position with over a hundred registered guests only this time in Ireland. I will come home a better person, with better skills, and honored to work with such fine professionals. I only hope that we here in the states, we to can step forward and represent our industry as those in the UK. Grear Job and Frank, I listen to your suggestion last year!!!! Your to be proud of the towing and recovery professionals you employ. The best John L Hawkins


Rob 'Barns' McAllister said:

My bro sent me a link to tow411 saying take a look at a job id done that he posted up it was generating a bit of interest! first of all thanks for a the positive replys, means alot that you guys think so highly of me and my team,and also as im 25 years old id consider myself very much still learning,so for alot of people to come back with so many good things to say is great!... but although saying that, do we ever stop leaning in this game! 646.gif

McAllisters Recovery


BigWheel tubeplatinum.gif said:

Great stuff, This kind of recovery just does't happen over night,it take a lot of training as well as a crew that wants to learn,an they have to have the desire to be part of a magnificant special recovery team. Hats off to you an your crew , BOB
silverhawk tubeyellow.gif said:
All I can say is magnificent. Never seen a curtain-side done with bags. You sir, are a master at your profession.
Scooby said:
perfect example on how the cushions lift the load....not the unit
mushspeed said:
Having stood up many Curtainsiders over the years, I know how difficult it is to contain all or part of the load and in the majority of cases the curtains are so badly torn it is not always possible,.......... but you nailed it !!!
You guys are smart cookies!!!

Very Well Done
Another Quality job by the Mcallisters team
wrecktech100 said:
even more impressive that it's a euroliner.
these type of trailer have a sliding roof made up of basically another curtain set on supports which slide to the front or rear to make an open topped trailer for odd sized loads or for craning in or out,the strength at the rear is in the rear doors which form the frame for the roof. you can imagine there's not much strength in the roof department.
they replace the old 'tilt' trailer which used to strip down to a flatbed for awkward loads.
good pictures...nice job.
BigWheelRecovery tubeplatinum.gif said:
You guys are hands down years ahead of all of us all there is to say is WOW you guys set the bar really high thanks for all you do for the towing and recovery industry. Thanks Eric smile.gif
Mcallisters said:
Thanks for all the positive comments, I'll pass them on to our team! Boris - no offence taken, the camera is a bit deceptive (digital SLR with a slightly wide angle lense) the three guys are actually clear of the trailer and if any of the kit had failed they wouldnt have been in the line of fire. Totally agree, we never allow any parts of a human being under a supported load!
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