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Tow Truck Driver Acts Quickly Following US-127 Crash (MI)


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Poor visibility and slick conditions can make it easy to lose control.

Tow truck drivers are there to help, but that often puts them in harm’s way.


“I am completely amazed that nobody was injured,” Cory Kowalski said.


Cory Kowalski joined up with Ausable Towing and Recovery a year ago, his first close call of the day came Monday afternoon when a car lost control on US-127.


“I activated my emergency lights and pulled over to the shoulder of the road to check and see if she was OK,” he said.

Then close call number two. A car slammed into his wrecker.


“I ran back up to the wrecker to check on the lady that had hit the tool box, and directed her to move her vehicle since it was still driveable in front of my wrecker basically to protect all of us,” Cory said.


Cory was just feet away when close-call number three left him with only seconds to react.


“The third vehicle lost control and ran directly into the rear-driver-side of my truck and hit everything. She was standing right in the lane of traffic and I directed her to get out of the way,” he said.


He says the ‘slow down, move over’ laws exist for a reason.


“It’s beyond comprehension of how important it is, whether it is a wrecker, a police officer, sheriff’s department, fire department, EMS or even your county plow trucks, they are all emergency vehicles classified under the ‘move over’ law and it’s a national law,” Cory said.


Mikka and her mom, Laurie drove down the same stretch of freeway and see them as words to live by.


“Because there could be somebody outside, helping someone else not in their vehicle and if you are close by then you might not see them until it’s too late,” Mikka said.

Nobody got hurt.

That’s what Cory says he’s holding onto.

“You keep playing it over and over in your head. I’ve got kids. I’ve got a fiancé and I want to get home to them every night, just like every other first responder out there,” Cory said.



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