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This was a Rotator call!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Posted by unknown member in November of 2009:


We got this call for a 72 Rolls Royce that fell off the ramps off a car hauler! So they sent me down there,when I pulled in the guys say holly $hit how much is this gonna cost(mind u this is a vintage Rolls Royce)!I looked at it and saw that the only damage was a slight dent on the hub cap,and that trying to lift this car was going to do more damage than it already had!well I gotta tell you since my trip to Indianapolis for the Air Cushion School I have used my Mat Jacks more in the last few months than the last years combined.First I blocked the wheels and cribbed under the left front!Then I put the mat under the center cross bean to lift the car up slightly and blocked the frame,Then I placed the mat under the right front wheel with a long 4 x 6 and a few others behind them and lifted the car,then I had the car carrier pull ahead then I lowered the bag then drove the car off the blocks.I can tell you I made more doing it that way then using that big A$$ rotator!!!!!!!!LOL Thanks Howie for all the Ideas on using the mat jacks!

Ron Pullen said:
Mike you are going to make Howies head bigger than it is. I will have to buy him a new hard hat that will fit !LOL Great thinking out side the box. HP bags are one of the best investment returns that you can buy.
letsplay2 said:
Nice job Mike.. I gotta agree with you about using our matjacks even more now then ever before.. Thanks for all the insight Jamie, Howie, John & Bill.
In Memory of Don44tows who said:
ron didn't know the made hard hats that big. mike good job. as you i learned alot at that class.training just makes thing easier.
Scooby said:
on behalf of the rest of the team...thanks for the nice comments mike, I'm sure you would be able to teach me a few things on actually using the boom on the wrecker...lol

we where laughing the other day at the shop that I have not extended my boom on the wrecker since last year.

I just use the sidewinder and the air bags/cushions
Brian Bell said:
Nice job!!!! Sometimes it takes Brawn and Sometimes it takes Brains......

I've towed one similar several times. The Repair Shop I tow it for works on all kinds of Exotics and Classics....
They HATE this Rolls....The wish the man would sell it....They say he has put 20K into it but it ain't worth 5K.....
That's their words....They are Appreciative of the business though.
Matjackman said:
Hey Mike, I'm always glad to hear guys talk about how the classes make them rethink about using the Matjacks and all the things they could have been doing with them over the years but just didn't think about it. Stay safe and stay in touch.
tobtow said:
great job, thanks for sharing
njChuck said:
Nice work, goes along with "work smarter not harder", Just wondering why if they really cared, why wasn't in an enclosed trailer?
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